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Palm Sudoku GameDeluxeWare has entered the crowded group of Sudoku publishers with their new Sudoku Game for Palm OS. DeluWare's unique approach includes a variety of unique color schemes, visual effects, digital sound effects and music and a custom level constructor.

Sometimes known by the name 'Number Place', Sudoku (or 'Su Doku') gets its name from the Japanese word for 'single number'. Sudoku is played on a nine by nine grid, subdivided into smaller three by three grids. The object is to fill in the empty boxes so that each row, column, and three by three grid contains each digit (from one to nine) exactly once. Though simple in concept, these puzzles have proven an addictive test of logic and perseverance.

DeluxeWare Sudoku v1.0 is available now for $14.95 (currently on sale for $9.95). A free trial is included. It is compatible with most devices running Palm OS 5.0 or greater and has support for stanard, Hi-res and Hi-res+ devices.

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Don't forget this one

sgingras @ 10/3/2007 5:50:18 PM # Q
Yes, there are many Sudoku programs for PalmOS...but this one is free and very functional:

You can set it up to be as helpful (and as color-coded) as you would like...or you can do what I do...and essentially configure it to be in "newspaper mode"...without colors or real-time error checking.

Does anyone have a compelling reason to pay for a Palm Sudoku game? I'm all ears.

BTW, I paypal-ed Andrew beer money. It's that good.

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