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4gb microSDSanDisk's 4GB MicroSD card is now available from the PIC Accessory store. The 4GB microSD card is now selling for $79.95, and the 2GB version is now reduced to $39.95. Both cards come with a full size SD adapter allowing you to use the card with any device that includes a standard SD slot.
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not SDHC?

bulls96 @ 8/29/2007 8:00:07 PM # Q
So its not SDHC? i have a microSD to miniSD adaptor for myTreo 755p that i use with my standard 2gb microSD, will this work with this? without the hassles of an "SDHC"?

RE: not SDHC?
hkklife @ 8/29/2007 8:16:16 PM # Q
No, the official SD 1.1 spec tops out at 2gb. 4gb non-HC SD cards are non-spec and becoming quite rare. The picture Ryan posted clearly shows the "HC" logo on the surface of the card.

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RE: not SDHC?
twrock @ 8/29/2007 8:41:21 PM # Q
Re: SDHC, I just ordered a 4 gb SD card from (along with a digitizer for an old T2). It looks quite "generic" in the pic, nothing to indicate it is HC. And they have a very long list of compatible units which includes the TX. When I finally receive it (has to be mailed twice), I'll find out if it is really 1.1. I shall complain bitterly if it doesn't work in my TX.

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