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Kinoma Palm SoftwareKinoma has released yet another new version of its superb Kinoma Player EX media player. Bearing version number 4.3.1, this release comes just mere days after version 4.3's release. This new version is primarily a bugfix release to address an issue concerning a streaming issue caused by a YouTube server update that broke Kinomaís links to YouTube content.

The Kinoma media player brings streaming flash video support for videos from YouTube and Google Video to the Palm OS and has a vast built-in, online streaming media guide for Internet radio and video.

Kinoma Player EX costs $24.95. The update can be downloaded via the programís integrated version checker or downloaded from the PIC software store.

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4.31 works

joad @ 9/1/2007 4:12:45 PM # Q
Expensive, with a flaky license term of "you may only switch devices once every 6 months." They claim on forums (but NOT on their site) they don't enforce this clause - waiting up to another 182 days to use your purchased app if your hardware fails or breaks is a highly unusual licensing term.

That said, version 4.31 seems to run a LOT smoother than the previous version which never seemed to stream properly even over EVDO - LOTS of buffering and hurky-jerky playback. The annoying "search and list every single possible viewable object on my device without filtering" feature is still there - but you can cancel it. If you have a lot of .jpgs on your card it's a loooooong wait with little payoff.

Kinoma is an interesting application that seems to have a niche (youtube and google video viewing) without competition (yet). *If* they fix their licensing terms so you can be assured your broken device won't leave you without the ability to use it for half a year then it would be a good entertainment investment for $25.

**Another vote for more RAM in the Treo series!**

RE: 4.31 works
hkklife @ 9/3/2007 12:09:02 PM # Q

Nothing irritates me more than these overly restrictive licensing/registration policies based on hardware ID.

Right now I'm limping along on a refurb 700p from Verizon b/c they claim they have NO more new 700p's to send me from their main warehouse and I don't want to risk getting an even crappier 700p refurb replacement. I'm eagerly awiating a fix to the error 7000 network bugs on Verizon and/or for them to finally relase the 755p. Then, hopefully, I'll be able to go hog wild and install all of my apps and have a full suite of software on my Treo like I did before my first 700p died on me.

Until then I am trying to make do without Kinoma & TomTom Navigator 6. Both of those are notorious for, as you put it, "flaky license terms".

Stuff like this just irks legitimate users to no end. With Palm's questionable quality control and the difficulty in getting a 100% working, rock-solid Treo these days, I'd like to see these companies revisit their policies a bit more.

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RE: 4.31 works
freakout @ 9/3/2007 10:20:08 PM # Q
^^ Total agreement. These kind of licensing schemes drive people to piracy, rather than deter them. (I have a paid copy of Kinoma and couldn't be happier with it, but I found the "one device every six months" policy to be completely stupid as well.)

When will software companies realise that as they make it more and more difficult for paying customers to install and maintain their programs, they also make cracked versions even more attractive? It's like with the stupid music and movie industries. The solution to piracy is lower prices and less DRM, not more.

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Kinoma gives fantastic support

Palm_Treo_755p @ 9/2/2007 1:05:34 PM # Q
The guy who posted above complaining about the Kinoma support policy seems to hold a grudge against Kinoma for some reason. He already posted the exact same nonsense at Treocentral:

"Hate to inject a little reality into this Kinoma lovefest, but....

"Note: you may only switch devices once every 6 months."


If this is Kinoma's actual policy for continuing to use your purchase if your device is lost, broken, defective or otherwise replaced, then it would seem that buying a license to Kinoma is taking a HUGE gamble with your hard earned $$$.

I'm glad that Charles is taking the time to read these forums - hopefully he can peruse other threads in here and report back to his company that these mobile devices actually get replaced for a variety of reasons, and not always on a schedule of >6 months! Don't we WISH Treo life was that simple!

Until Kinoma fixes their licensing to adhere to honest commerce, I'd recommend purchasing other products that allow you to continue using your license when you have to go through a device replacement. What do they want customers to do - buy another license every time @ $25 bucks a pop? Or just find a keygen or hacked version?

Anyone know of other products that support viewing YouTube content or is Kinoma the only one?"

A Kinoma rep replied saying:

"FWIW, Kinoma is prompt and reasonable when it comes to device changes, and I'm pretty sure that this has never been an issue for legitimate customers.

Joad: It's clear that you haven't gone through this process with us, so I don't completely understand what compelled you to post. But rest assured that the official policy exists only to help deter egregious abuse.

-- Charles Wiltgen"

I've never heard of even a single person claiming that Kinoma refused them a legitimate upgrade. Not one. In fact, everyone raves about how good the Kinoma support is.

The previous post sounds a lot like a troll.

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