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MobiTV and venture capitalistis Oak Investment Partners have agreed upon a deal worth $70 million in VC funding for the streaming media startup. MobiTV currently touts over a million paying subscribers and relationships with numerous cellular telcos worldwide and AT&T's wi-fi network. Oak Investment Partners will have a seat on the MobiTV board under terms of the deal.
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couple typos, editor...

CompeauFawkes @ 7/17/2006 3:37:23 PM # Q
MobiTV, not MoviTV, and Handmark, not Handmawrk
:) Great news, though, eh? Good to see these guys get a good start in this hot space!

Mike Compeau
RE: couple typos, editor...
Ryan @ 7/17/2006 4:02:40 PM # Q
thanks Mike, I made the corrections.
Quite honestly very impressed with the service on my VZW 700P
hkklife @ 7/17/2006 4:31:10 PM # Q
Sorta on a whim, I installed the trial on my new 700P last month with very low expectations. I don't know if it's the Verizon EVDO network or the "regular" MobiTV package vs. Sprint TV but it looked a good bit better than the SprintTV channel I saw demo'd a few weeks prior (also on a 700P). I have to admit being very pleasantly surprised and I've used MobiTV on more than a few occasions when I am near an AC outlet and have time to spare.

While it's still more of a novelty than anything, I predict this to be a major draw in the coming years, especially with hot ticket PPV things like streaming live broadcasts of the World Cup, major motor races, NBA finals, Superbowl etc. This is assuming the licensing issues can be worked out and the cost to view these events is rather nominal to the end user.

But let me stress again--live, live, LIVE content (same as DBS sat., cable or broadcast TV) is the only way this will fly in the long term. People don't want to see canned or updated 1x daily tidbits, especially with all of the other monthly billable services competing for our hard-earned dollars.

I'd also like to see MobiTV partner with someone like XM or MusicChoice in the near future to permit streaming radio as part of the client for maybe $2/$3 more per month on top of the regular subscription.

Also being able to have a fullscreen viewing mode would be great, especially on SSS devices like the Treos where viewing area is at a premium.

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