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Welcome to the second installment in the series of PIC exclusive interviews! Our first interview focused on the background of a very interesting piece of software. Now we’re going to talk shop about hardware with a long-time user of not only the Palm OS but also of pretty much anything related to microelectronics and hardware/software engineering! Assisted by his multi-talented wife Veena, Gary Mayhak of Tech Center Labs is a technological Renaissance man in every way. Read on for a unique insight into what makes a small Palm-focused hardware company tick and to see how Gary’s lifetime of experience has led to the development of a series of modules designed to address specific needs and shortcomings in Palm's products.
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TX battery

gmayhak @ 11/18/2006 1:49:24 PM # Q
Thanks Kris & Ryan for posting the review and the 'glowing' introduction!
I'm wondering if anyone has had to replace their TX battery? I've tried removing all software and the SD card, turned off beam receive, bluetooth & Wi-Fi. Still looses about 30% of the battery overnight. I don't have warranty on it so I've ordered a replacement battery and hope it's not the electronics.

Tech Center Labs
RE: TX battery
twrock @ 11/19/2006 2:54:20 AM # Q
I've tried removing all software....

I assume that means you did a hard reset, right? If not, that would be one more "investigative" step to take.

I'm still waiting for the mythical color HandEra.

RE: TX battery
gmayhak @ 11/19/2006 9:47:52 AM # Q
Right, I did a hard reset but thanks for the suggestion. When my replacement battery arrives (I ordered the 1400 MAh one on ebay) I'll see if this one discharges when it's disconnected from the TX, don't want to do it yet because I need to keep the TX alive to test microphones.

Tech Center Labs
RE: TX battery
gmayhak @ 11/24/2006 10:00:55 PM # Q
I've replaced the battery but it still discharges when turned off. Either some third party software messed up the OS or there's some defective hardware that isn't powering down. Is there software available to re-flash the OS? I guess it will spend most of its time in the cradle now :-(
I'm trying a LifeDrive next. I've read all the complaints but can't pass up that much technology for a couple hundred bucks. I'm really impressed by the tiny 4GB drive, probably because of the years I spent with Ampex pioneering hard disks and developing methods and tools to coax the recording heads to fly on an air bearing a few millionths of an inch above the disk surface without crashing and wiping out everything!

Tech Center Labs
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