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Jewels for Palm OS ReviewDuring the 16-bit console wars of the early ‘90s, Sega’s answer to Nintendo’s Tetris juggernaut was a game called Columns. While it essentially mimicked the basic premise of Tetris, Columns did provide a few unique twists. Instead of focusing on rotating geometric shapes, Columns dealt with arranging multi-colored jewels into matching patterns. The color screen of Sega’s Game Gear portable console made this color-centric gameplay possible, whereas the Gameboy’s monochrome LCD was better suited to the gameplay of Tetris. While Columns was mostly ignored by the critics as one of dozens of Tetris-inspired kockoffs, the game developed something of a cult following. Read on for the full review...
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freakout @ 1/19/2007 9:39:20 AM # Q
I always liked Columns, especially the Game Gear version. What I didn't like so much was when the Game Gear's batteries gave out in the middle of a game...

Ah, Sega. I miss them. The Microsoft vs. Sony console war doesn't have anywhere near the fun of the Sega vs. Nintendo battle. Back then it was about the games, not the machines...

Whoops, I'm rambling. It stops here.

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