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Rick Whitt's Directory Assistant for Palm OS has just been updated. This free and popular app made our must have freeware list awhile back and is a essential for any smartphone user.

Directory Assistant automates queries to the Residential and Business phone directories in the US. It will even preform reverse queries and look up names from phone numbers. You can easily dial from the results and even get maps and directions to results with a single click. Updates include support for Google maps and the Treo 680.

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essential app

joad @ 2/6/2007 3:37:40 PM # Q
Rick has done a beautiful job with this, and keeps on top of updating and improving the app. AND - he offers it freely trusting that happy users will donate for his efforts.

Instead of giving Sprint, Verizon and other carriers $1.50 for a "411" call, use this app on your Treo and send some thank you $$$ to the developer.

RE: essential app
4s @ 2/6/2007 4:11:11 PM # Q
Best. App. Ever.

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