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DialByPhoto ReviewGx5 has released version 1.0 of DialByPhoto, a replacement for the Treo's built-in phone app. If there's one consistent critcism of the Treo (and Palm OS in general), it's the dated look-and-feel of the interface. With the Treo 680's new tabbed Phone app Palm are certainly taking steps in the right direction, but their efforts are undermined by outdated fonts and "flat" scrollbars and buttons. DialByPhoto (DBP) does away with the standard PalmOS UI elements altogether and instead implements its own graphical style. It's certainly much better-looking, but has the drive for better graphics left usability by the wayside? Read on for the full review...
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Favorites Work-Around

rener @ 2/20/2007 11:44:51 PM # Q
FWIW - I set DialByPhoto to launch the original Phone app with a second tap of the phone hardkey. I then set the original phone app's default screen view to 'favorites'. Finally, I set the favorites to frequently used apps and boring work contacts.

So, I can enjoy the superior user experience of DialByPhoto, and still get access to favorites with a second (or two, if I'm not in phone mode) tap.

Very convenient so far...

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a couple of other nags

CleverClaire @ 2/22/2007 11:25:19 PM # Q
Thanks for the good review. I agree with your assessments on this app. I like it and I bought it. The enhanced look is worth the price of admission. But there are a few issues. The one's you brought up are valid. Especially having to use the 5 way to get anywhere. The options are generally too small to get to with a thumb and that is a problem.

The second issue is that when something is selected it turns yellow. That is great indoors but if you are outside or in the car, forget it. I have no idea what is selected because it is small and I can't see it in the outside light. They need to work on daylight visibility.

Finally, my only other beef is that if I copy a phone number from an email or out of a calendar appointment, I can't go to the dial screen and hit the menu button and choose paste like I can in the standard phone app. That means I have to hit the phone button twice and go to the built in phone application.

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FabianMG @ 3/23/2007 12:22:10 AM # Q
Awesome app! Everything works flawlessly. Takes the boringPalm look to a new level.

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