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Previous speculation about the next possible Palm OS-based CDMA Treo has been merely word of mouth comments and message board postings. However, slowly but surely, concrete bits of information are falling into place regarding the rumored upcoming Palm OS model, the Treo 755p. The most recent bit of information about Palm's next possible devices comes from Good's corporate customer portal site.

A TreoCentral user (bigboy650) stumbled across a reference to the rumored Palm OS-based 755p while perusing the PDF documentation of the latest Good Intranet client/server beta release documentation. The actual reference to the 755p is brief and is listed only on page 4 of the PDF's Installation Notes under the "System Requirement" heading. The PDF document is dated February 26th 2007.

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must be a typo

nexus6 @ 3/8/2007 6:19:25 AM # Q
Sure, it must be a typo, because you can see Cingular Palm Treo 750 listed among the Palm OS devices...

RE: must be a typo
SeldomVisitor @ 3/8/2007 6:30:45 AM # Q
Well, typo or planted it's not sure to THIS reader why people are starting to go ga-ga over the idea that PALM will be coming out with another (unknown) device in a few months, especially since the 700p is also rumored to be EOL in the same timeframe!

RE: must be a typo
joad @ 3/8/2007 12:06:00 PM # Q
Well give credit to Palm on one account... they are EOL'ing their devices faster than they can fix them!

RE: must be a typo
theseus @ 3/8/2007 5:29:49 PM # Q
Maybe it's _because_ they're EOL'ing the 700p? How else will anyone get their POS Treo 7xx fix? ;)


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Treo 750 wins PC User's Best Buy

sungod @ 3/8/2007 6:57:01 PM # Q
In a Round up of 10 of the top Smart phones in Australia the Treo 750 came out on top with a score of 95%, in a competition looking for a business device with a touch of Multi Media for downtime.
The reviewer tells “The Treo 750 hits the sweet spot for professional consumers and mobile professionals alike.”
Being one of only two in the round up to take advantage of Telstra's new NextG HSDPA network it ousted the DOPOD 838PRO 90%, the iMate Jas Jam, Nokia E61 & O2 XDA Stealth at 85%, the Blackberry Perl 80%, the O2 Atom & Ericsson M600I at 75% and the Samsung I320N cam in equal last at 70%.
The Treo 680 also scored 70% with a summery of “A good offering but one that is more for the Palm loyalist out there, rather then other road warriors.”
Considering it's price point puts it above that of the Samsung, the Sony The Blackberry and the Nokia it's a pretty sad state of affairs for the little 680 and Palm OS.
Great news about the 750 though the Treo form factor is obviously still current no matter what all the iPhone lovers are touting.

How good are cargo pants, they're a gadget lovers best friend.
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