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Earlier in January, Palm released a free Microsoft Exchange Direct Push Update for the Treo 700p and 680. The update is now available for the Treo 650 for a fee. Treo 650 users wishing to update their device can purchase the direct push update for $2.99 from Palm. However, in order to make use of the update you have to have a copy of VersaMail v3.5, while most standard 650's ship with v3.1. So if you do not have VersaMail v3.5 you can also purchase it separately from Palm for $12.98.

Palm OS based Treo smartphones have long been able to use Exchange ActiveSync to access Microsoft Exchange Server information using Palm’s VersaMail email client. The new update enhances VersaMail by adding Microsoft’s Direct Push Technology, which gives users connected to an Exchange Server fast, automatic wireless updates of email, calendar and contact information.

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Compared to GoodLink?

JeffRichardson @ 3/20/2007 4:49:19 PM # Q
How does this compare to using Good software on the Treo 650? Good takes up so much memory that if this offers the same thing with a smaller memory requirement (and presumably a lower cost), that that would be great. But the Good software works so well that I would be surprised if this solution does the same thing.
RE: Compared to GoodLink?
just_little_me @ 3/20/2007 6:29:07 PM # Q
Goodlink is far more complete in terms of an enterprise solution with oodles of security and device management capabilities, and requires extra server hardware/software of course. Exchange is probably more suited to small/medium businesses as it doesnt require any extra hardware/software apart from what an Exchange house would already have.

If all you want is push email, with some basic security (remote wipe, password enforcement etc) then Exchange is probably enough. Heaps of info on both the Good and MS sites...



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