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In Today's Philadelphia Inquirer There is an article "Sweating the Palms" comparing the Palm IIIx. Handspring Visor, and HP Jornada Handheld computers or Personal Digital Assistants. The article compares the 3 models, discussing ease of use However the author did not give the correct pricing information or make an adequate comparison of products. He compared the Handspring Visor deluxe to the Palm IIIx in memory and price. The IIIx is an older model introduced last spring. While by no means outdated, the fair comparison should have been with the Palm IIIxe. which debuted in March of this year. The IIIxe and the Handspring Visor deluxe both have 8mb of memory and retain for the same price of $249.00.
(Yes, I did email the author and point out the error)
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Thomas Keekley @ 6/8/2000 10:08:06 AM #
Why does it always seem like articles like this are written by people who:

A) Don't seem to really use the devices
B) Repeat things we read all the time, offering no unique insights

? Kinda funny, at least

Oh no!! Something nice about Pocket PC!

I.M. Anonymous @ 6/8/2000 10:33:58 AM #
When I read the negative comments aobut this article I guessed that it was because the reviewer said positive things about Pocket PC. Read the article and oh what a surprise I was correct. It is not helping Palm to act like everything they do is golden. the best thing you could do is an article on why the IIIc's and IIIxes seem to be falling apart on everyone. That would really help Palm.
RE: Knee-Jerk Reactions
Hared @ 6/8/2000 10:57:48 AM #
You lost me here, dude. The only negative comments I saw were related to the fact that the reviewer compared a discontinued Palm product to two brand new ones. I couldn't help noticing that the year old Palm compared pretty well, despite this. Besides, people who have a knee-jerk reaction to attack people who say bad things about Pocket PC are just as irritating as people who have a knee-jerk reaction to say bad things about Pocket PC.
RE: Oh no!! Something nice about Pocket PC!
Ian @ 6/8/2000 11:10:53 AM #
The IIIc's are the ones with the cracks in the case. The IIIxe's have a sturdier case and are not "falling apart".
RE: Oh no!! Something nice about Pocket PC!
Denise @ 6/8/2000 2:03:29 PM #
I have no problems with the reviewer saying nice things about the pocket PC. Whatever handheld works for you in a matter of choice. My complaint was that the article was not an accurate comparison. I do not think everything Palm does it goldens, so please don't make assumptions as to how I think (unless you're sideline is as a member of the psychic friends network!)
RE: Oh no!! Something nice about Pocket PC!
BobVBH @ 6/9/2000 5:08:06 PM #
The better response is that the IIIx could be the IIIxe if 3Com would release the upgrade in chips and OS as promise. But that is not as much a story as anti-MS.


I.M. Anonymous @ 6/9/2000 1:18:11 AM #


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