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After well over a year on the market, WebOS device users still do not have a version of Documents To Go with editing capabilities matching that of a Palm OS handheld from a decade ago. Even after suspending plans for such an app, only a vague message about an eventual version of DTG for WebOS is found on Dataviz's website.

Thankfully, Quickoffice has stepped up and make what is apparently a renewed commitment to WebOS courtesey of a recent post to their corporate blog. While not an outright announcement of a full Quickoffice for WebOS, they hint that users will be "pleasantly surprised if they continue to watch Quickoffice and our continued leadership in the mobile space". The full text of the message from CEO Alan Masarek can be found here.

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This is what's wrong with Palm

imfallen_angel @ 9/2/2010 10:17:21 AM # Q
I honestly love my Palm devices. I have a good dozen of them and just got more backups.

But what killed Palm is Palm themselves. This is another example of where they went wrong. Palm should be the leader in media devices, in portable computers.

I so hope that HP will understand this and do something worth while.

RE: This is what's wrong with Palm
mikecane @ 9/2/2010 10:42:39 AM # Q
Well, Archos' new Android handhelds are resistive-screen crap, so there's hope. Even Phillips jumped back into handheld PMP -- but it's resistive screen too!

And a webOS handheld with a *real* camera could punch that crapcammed iPod Touch in its face. Something I'd like to do, Retina Display notwithstanding.

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linds @ 9/2/2010 10:51:43 AM # Q
HP has itself a real gem in that they can differentiate themselves from the rest Android/Iphone owned market. Even though google's droid is an open system, they still use it to serve their own purposes, and well apple we all know they serve their own purposes as well. Maybe just maybe HP/WEBOS can serve the customers purposes by both being open and not trying to serve up market share to google.

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Colormeweb @ 9/3/2010 7:12:59 PM # Q
Dataviz stated that they will not make a Webos version and then RIM went and purchased Dataviz.
RE: Dataviz
bhartman34 @ 9/3/2010 7:44:57 PM # Q
Are you sure of the order of that? It would make more sense to me if RIM purchased DataViz and then DataViz decided not to produce a DTG for WebOS.

Of course, I'm sure RIM was in their sights all along, which might have been why DataViz was dragging their feet on DTG in the first place...

RE: Dataviz
mikecane @ 9/4/2010 7:32:44 AM # Q
Man, and DataViz went and jumped on me back when for my hatred of their damned app:

I won't miss the damn thing! Good riddance! And don't bug me with another damned email this time!

RE: Dataviz
LiveFaith @ 9/4/2010 5:59:38 PM # Q
I agree with you Mike. I'm glad Palm and DV are parting ways, regardless of the circumstances.

I started using the D2G package way back at v3.0, and it was a bug-fest in each and every version. After spending hours and hours trying to recover lost files etc, I eventually decided that the s/w was doing more damage than good to my productivity. Just gave up after few tries on the Treo's bungled and bundled app. A pretty good feature set, but those guys NEVER delivered a dependable solution.

Good riddance IMO. Looking forward to the change to QuickOffice (sp?).
Pat Horne

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