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DBFixItPimlico Software, makers of the popular DateBk6, have released a new title for Palm OS. DbFixIt is a new utility that is designed to detect and repair errors in Palm OS databases. In particular, it knows the precise structure of the standard Palm OS and proprietary PalmOne PIM databases and can selectively repair those errors. In short the program is a lifesaver for corrupted PIM databases and hotsync issues. Pimlico says it will be of particular use to people who rarely sync with a desktop, or when your device has corruption issues. It seems to be based on the dbScan utility, which has personally rescued me from many hotsync issues before.

DbFixIt v1.1b is available now for all Palm OS devices running Palm OS 2.0 or later. It comes with a working trial and costs $12.95 to purchase. All proceeds go towards wildlife conservation and the Dewar's Gorilla Haven project.

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theseus @ 1/10/2008 5:23:51 PM # Q
The trial "works" insofar as finding the errors and notifying you of what errors it has found. You would have to purchase a copy of dbFixIt for it to clear those errors. However, even the trial version of dbFixIt will provide the same basic functionality as the free dbScan utility. Namely, it will remove deleted records from the databases that may be causing hangups with HotSync.

The main difference between dbScan and dbFixIt is that dbScan will only be able to DELETE any records it finds with errors. (It can remove the deleted records as well.) dbFixIt, however, will actually attempt to preserve the corrupt record(s) and fix the error rather than delete the record(s) with the error.

Also, dbScan will work for the built-in PIM databases ONLY. dbFixIt is "smarter" and will attempt to repair virtually any database (if it can determine the proper format of that database). dbFixIt also allows you to "backup" a database or restore from a backup. You can also remove a select range of records using dbFixIt.

I believe there are three functions of dbScan that are not actually in dbFixIt (but are likely not ever needed but maybe once when switching devices): "Clean Up Shortcuts" (Palm OS versions prior to 3.3 need only apply), "INIT Shortcuts" (Power User option to clear ALL Shortcuts) and "Reset Dtbk Beaming" (when uninstalling DateBk and you want to restore the built-in Calendar/Datebook app to receive sent/beamed datebook events).

Hope that helps! :D


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