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Palm Pre PandoraPalm is demonstrating a few new WebOS applications on the Palm Pre this week at CTIA. In our first video post in a series to come, we take a look at some of the music capabilities of the Palm Pre.

In the video after the break, three music applications for the Pre are demo'd. First up is the Music Player shown playing a track along with its multitasking notification area controls. Then we take a look at Pandora's Streaming music application, followed by a preview of the the Amazon MP3 store.

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WMA compatibility

mwrob @ 4/3/2009 3:18:12 PM # Q
I hope they add WMA compatibility. I have my entire collection in WMA files because of the better sound quality at lower bit rates. Pocket Tunes can play WMA files.
RE: WMA compatibility
Ecoteric @ 4/4/2009 6:24:04 AM # Q
Isn't WMA files only for video? Never used/played a .wma music file. The video player on the Pre supports about 6-8 different file formats.
RE: WMA compatibility
xImtc @ 4/4/2009 8:25:38 AM # Q
More importantly (to me), will subscription music be supported. Buying music is so last millenium. Rhapsody et al. are the way to go. Pockettunes brought this to PalmOS (and it worked pretty well!). It is *the* major thing making me think twice about a WebOS phone.
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