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Pre Homebrew apps howto Installing and finding unofficial "homebrew" apps for Palm webOS has recently gotten much easier thanks to new software and guides. Palm Pre users on all major computer platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) can now setup a Java application called WebOSQuickInstall. Once configured the app can install and uninstall third party applications to a Pre via a USB connection.

The developer Jason Robitaille has posted a thread containing instructions on how to get setup. Depending on your system you may need to download additional files or change some settings before everything connects. Read on for the rest of our guide and recommendations.

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CFreymarc @ 8/13/2009 9:59:17 PM # Q
The fact that something like this isn't officially endorsed is a shame. Honestly, I don't see anyone concerned at Palm to get a good third party software distribution together so the authors are not over marginalized as in the past.
RE: Kludge
vetdoctor @ 8/14/2009 4:48:24 PM # M Q
Stupid Palm. 1/2 these apps could be in their store making money for palm
RE: Kludge
bhartman34 @ 8/18/2009 10:20:56 AM # Q
Stupid Palm. 1/2 these apps could be in their store making money for palm.

That's exactly where most of them will be, when the App Catalog opens up. In certain respects, though, Palm put the cart before the horse by launching a beta App Catalog without a payment system. They can't really throw the doors wide open when people don't have a way to pay for apps.

Even after the App Catalog opens, though, there will still be a place for homebrew apps. I don't see Palm letting MyTether into the App Catalog anytime soon. Not under Sprint, anyway. And Verizon is rumored to be pushing their own store, so who really knows what will be let on there?

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ndk @ 8/14/2009 12:43:23 AM # Q
That code is totally the secret code for unlimited lives in the game Contra for the original Nintendo Game System... That mad me LOL.... It also makes me laugh that I know/remember that!
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