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CL LogoSuffering from nephophobia? CompanionLink may have the cure: they've just announced the release of their webOS USB desktop syncing package, a one-two punch entitled (fittingly) "CL USB Sync" (for the device) and "CompanionLink for webOS USB" (for the desktop). The apps allow webOS users to sync their webOS PIM data over USB with a variety of desktop software, including Palm Desktop, Outlook, and Lotus Notes.

That's not all, though. CompanionLink's webOS app also includes new Tasks and Memos applications which bear more than a passing resemblance to their predecessors on Palm OS, with the ability to categorize and sort items - and, of course, sync them. Should be welcome news to those who are left cold by webOS' current inability to do the same. You can download the Pre component of the package from the Palm App Catalog, and the desktop component here. A free 14-day trial of the desktop software is available, with the full purchase costing $39.95. Screenshots after the break.

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Looks promissing...

VastheGreek @ 10/12/2009 7:30:12 AM # Q
Does it work for the Classic content too though?
IIIxe -> TT -> TX
RE: Looks promissing...
Tim Carroll @ 10/12/2009 2:19:15 PM # M Q
Vas - Classic 2.0 has Hotsync now, so if you're syncing CompanionLink with Palm Desktop then you can also use Hotsync to do the same.
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Nephophobic - for a good reason...

buckeyetex315 @ 10/12/2009 8:43:39 AM # Q
Microsoft loses Sidekick users' personal data

Network World Story:

Quote from story:
The service failure is an embarrassment for Microsoft and T-Mobile and again highlights the potential danger of entrusting trusting personal data to the cloud, a model that many service providers are pushing as a safe and more convenient way to handle data. ##

And don't believe Palm when they say this wouldn't / couldn't / shouldn't happen to THEIR servers. Once you trust your data to the cloud, you have lost all control over it....

The CompanionLink software will at least allow me to consider a webOS device if and when one ever comes to AT&T.


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Come on Pre / webOS on AT&T!

Life on the Cloud Tonight
Gekko @ 10/12/2009 6:32:13 PM # Q

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