Is Stephen King on your Palm? is looking for opinions about Stephen King's experimental publishing ventures, "The Plant" and "Riding the Bullet". According to a survey carried out by Carol Fitzgerald of the Book Report Network, only 1% of those who downloaded Stephen King's "Riding the Bullet" actually read the book. is sounding the call to all Palm readers: we need your help to find the truth. They are conducting an online poll.

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Too much $

ShaneG @ 8/9/2000 6:31:00 PM #
I was really excited when I first heard of Stephen King offering a book electronically. The price was right - until I found out it was only 20 pages! Forget it, I didn't even bother to read it.

I'm reading it!

Bruce in Ohig @ 8/10/2000 8:40:35 AM #
I can't believe that only 1% are reading this Ebook. Why DL it if your not going to read it?

Sounds like a number crunching error to me!

Plant as e-book

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/10/2000 8:56:26 AM #
I would love to be able to read 'The Plant' on my Palm, but it's not available in that format.
My e-mail to Stephen King asking if it is going to be made available has remained unanswered.
RE: Plant as e-book
Ed @ 8/10/2000 10:23:35 AM #
You aren't alone. I sent one too on the day it was released and I haven't heard anything, either.
RE: Plant as e-book
SK @ 8/14/2000 7:41:03 AM #
You won't get a reply folks. Don't you realize that if I answered every email I get I would never have time to write!


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