YadaYada Ends Beta, Offers Games

YadaYada announced today the commercial availability of its nationwide wireless Internet service. They have been in public beta since last fall. Their monthly service charge is $40.

They also announced a partnership with Indiqu to deliver wireless, server-based games to their subscribers. On the site today, single users can play Blackjack, Poker, Touch Trivia, and Word Soup. By March 31, Indiqu will deploy multi-player games.

The YadaYada wireless service allows users to access 100% of HTML-created Web sites (with graphics), send and receive email messages from up to 6 email accounts, conduct secure transactions, and personalize their content. The YadaYada service uses Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) technology and is available in more than 3,000 cities in the United States.

They offer My YadaYada a customizable page with continuously updated headline news, weather, stock quotes and sports scores. It is personalized on the PC and accessible on the PDA.

Yada Yada also offers a free service called QuikSnaps that works similarly to AvantGo; Web sites are optimized for viewing on the Palm and downloaded during HotSyncing.

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jim @ 1/30/2001 5:39:03 PM #
unable to find details

No Service in the "Rocket City?"

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/1/2001 8:03:11 AM #
Come on. I checked the service availability in Huntsville, AL (Redstone Aresnal, Space and Rocket Center, 100's of high-tech companies, etc.) and Yada Yada has absolutely NO SERVICE in this area. Hard to believe... Doesn't sound like it's ready for prime time to me. With as much traffic as we have going in an out of this area, you would think this would be a covered city. Guess I'll Wait for the Palm M505x (Wireless Palm Vc).

RE: No Service in the South
Ed @ 2/1/2001 8:40:07 AM #
They are running into the problem that there are several cities in the BellSouth Empire that have no CDPD service. Atlanta is one of them, too, which sucks for me. You can't blame YadaYada for this. Blame the FCC and the telcoms for not being able to agree on a wireless standard.

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