PDA Pocket Keyboard gets UC Adapter, Intl. Version

Cirque and Fellowes have released adapters that let the PDA Pocket Keyboard be used with the Palm m125, m500 and m505 or future handhelds that use the Palm Universal Connector. They also introduced an International version.

The PDA Pocket Keyboard is a touch panel based on the Cirque GlidePoint technology. It can be used on a flat surface or held in the hands. Supposedly the suggested price is $40 but Cirque is selling them for $42.

There were already adapters for the Palm m100, III, V, and VII series, as well as the Handspring Visor (except the Edge), HandEra 330 and TRGpro. It even supports the original Pilot 1000 and 5000 series.

The international keyboard version includes modified keys to accommodate language-specific symbols for European languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese.

"We are very excited to add the international keyboard and the Palm m125, m500 and m505 adapter to our PDA accessories line," said Nancy Heaton, Fellowes' senior product manager. "We have made it easy for users to switch and upgrade PDA models by simply purchasing a new adapter."

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I.M. Anonymous @ 10/23/2001 3:57:16 PM #
Thats thinking...


I.M. Anonymous @ 10/23/2001 4:53:11 PM #
I couldn't find any pictures, does anyone have any of what the adapters look like?

RE: Pictures?
I.M. Anonymous @ 10/23/2001 5:22:26 PM #
I used the Fellows for a little while. To use any PDA with this keyboard, an
addapter is required. It's a small plug about the size of the end of a sync
cable. One side plugs into the kbd, the other into the PDA. It's not visible in
the picture provided, but it *is* there

It's a nice design. If you ever get a new PDA, the most you'll have to buy to
continueusing this kbd is a new adapter.

The Cirque version is advertised as having all the adaptors in the box, but
the Fellows version had only the adapter for the model listed on the box.

I didn't care much for the kbd. I'd like to compare it to a ThumBoard type
kbd, but I like my Stowaway the best so far.

Nice Product

skoty @ 10/24/2001 11:54:04 PM #
I just got one of these from a buddy of mine that works at Cirque. If any of the PIC editors are interested, I wouldn't mind doing a review of this product.

Anyway, the thing that suprised me the most about this little keyboard is that there are no buttons. It is a very durable, touch panal similar to the ones that they make for laptops (to replace the mouse). The only difference is that you touch it on the letters instead of dragging your finger across it.

I can't say I would have gotten one of these if I didn't have a friend who worked at Cirque. I'm pretty proficient at grafitti and wouldn't have seen a need. However, for anyone who's just bought a PalmOS device for the first time, this is an inexpensive (under $50) way to get out of playing Giraffe for hours to get descent at Graffiti.

The driver software that comes with it is pretty nice. You can set it up to make noises when you tap keys or to keep quite. You also have control over when it's enabled and when it's not.

One cool thing about this keyboard that I don't think any other keyboards offer is that by changing a $2 adapter, you can use it with any other brand of PalmOS device, and shortly with any other Pocket PC device as well.

If I were asked to do a review, I could include screen shots of the device driver software, and more pictures of the keyboard and adapters.

RE: Nice Product
skoty @ 10/25/2001 12:05:44 AM #
woops, I missed that. A review's already been done. Take a look at the Related link at the bottom of the article. Nice pictures and screen shots can be found there.