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Stylus+ Review
By Robert Zach

Well, I finally did the one thing I thought I'd never do; I gave away one of my Palm gadgets. Let me explain:

Being a gadget fanatic means that at some point you will unfortunately duplicate function. For me, normally this is part of the fun (more toys) but one place I cannot tolerate duplication of effort is in writing implements.

Let's face it, while nerd is sheik these days, having a pocket stuffed with a highlighter, mechanical pencil, multiple color pens, and stylus is neither practical, easy on the wardrobe, or attractive.

Enter the multi-function stylus. I have been a fan of these devices for some time. I've been especially attached to a certain well-known manufacturer's Stylus, Pen, and Pencil combo; UNTIL NOW.

And here's where the story begins; I gave away my old favorite stylus for a new love....The "Multi 4 Action"!

This very sharp looking device houses a black pen, orange tip stylus, mechanical pencil, and red pen. That's right, from 3 implements to four! All of this is packaged in a very sleek and attractive stainless steel body with a nicely milled and coated grip surface.

The device unscrews to reveal quick and simple replaceable cartridges that simply pull out with a firm tug. Further enhancing the look of this multi-function stylus are the elegant gold ring accents.

The stylus not only looks good but also feels superb in the hand. It has a standard barrel diameter, not the typical wide body of most multi-function devices. I personally prefer this. The stylus tip is very smooth and has enough "give" for a very nice tip-to-screen feel, with positive resistance. The pens themselves write exceptionally smooth and the pencil is complemented by a nice under-the-cap eraser.

What is most unique about this stylus is how is operates. I must admit I was a little confused at first since I just skimmed the directions. A particular implement is chosen by simply holding the pen horizontally and rotating the whole unit in the hand until one of the four colored indicators is pointed upward. Then simply depress the plunger and the chosen implement is revealed. NEAT! The mechanism is gravity operated so the device must be horizontal to work properly, but I have noticed that it is a little forgiving if in the slight vertical direction. When ready to put the pen away, a little button on the pocket clip is used to retract the chosen implement. offers a wide variety of configurations to order the stylus. Choose yours with or without a pencil and then select your choice of Stylus Tip Color (Orange, Grey, Yellow), Black Ink, Blue Ink, Red Ink, Orange or Pink Underliner/Highlighter. Ultimate customization! also sells replacement leads, erasers, eraser caps, and stylus tips. Just the consumables you need.

The best part of all is the pen is a reasonable $19.99. And consumables are also easily available and very fairly priced.

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Best $19 ever spent

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/26/2000 3:03:17 PM #
With the cost of add-ons for a handheld unitS, this is a small amount to pay. Besides, this is one upgrade that can move on when you get the next toy....:)

Just wish they would add a reset tip!!!!

RE: Best $19 ever spent
Jeff Kirvin @ 4/28/2000 4:02:36 PM #
In regards to a reset tip, the pencil lead works great for this.


dstrauss @ 4/26/2000 6:20:23 PM #
This pen is the ultimate in convenience; works right from the first try; and is not bulky like other multipens. The ink cartridges do tend to run out quickly if used regularly, because they are only half-size. A very little inconvenience for a terrific product.

The best multi-pen, period.

I.M. Anonymous @ 4/27/2000 11:44:55 PM #
At first, their shipping cost scared me away. However, I really couldn't find any other company offer the same kind of flexibility and price that offer. So I went ahead to order mine. When I received it, this pen really surprise me. The construction is very solid. The rattle noise is minimum when you shake the pen. I tested the Rotring Quad Data Pen in OfficeDepot, and it is very noisy, plus its price tag is more than double of stylus+. The metal shaft is very expensive looking, and the plastic grip is very useful yet won't make the pen cheap. If you want a multi-pen, look no further.


I.M. Anonymous @ 5/23/2000 1:21:16 PM #
The best multi-function stylus out there. I needed something with at least a pencil, pen and stylus. There aren't too many options out there with that minimum configuration. So when I discovered this one for such a cheap price I had to investigate. Now, I'm hooked. It's comfortable to write with and ios solidly made. As someone sid earlier - Look no further!


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