San Diego Police Arms Officers with Treo Smartphones

Palm today announced that the San Diego Police Department (SDPD), a department serving one of the 10 most populated cities in the United States, has deployed Palm Treo 700w smartphones throughout its workforce. SDPD's Treo smartphone solution puts more officers in the field, reduces time spent at subdivisions on desktop computers accessing information, lightens device load and keeps dispersed field officers connected. It's also an easy solution for the new technology department to maintain. The beaming feature lets technology officers load all the applications and complete setup in just three minutes.

The Treo smartphone solution serves as a reliable replacement to the current use of multiple, heavy, and sometimes outdated devices, such as pagers and cell phones. Select officers across SDPD's nine divisions now have increased access to critical information through three custom applications designed for the Treo 700w:

1. CalPhoto gives officers access to photos on file with the California Department of Justice.

2. eCAD is a multifaceted dispatching system that facilitates calls in the field and runs criminal records, plates and firearm registration to assist officers with a quick response to field situations.

3. Arjis Global Query 2 is an investigative tool that lets officers see extensive histories on people and vehicles, as well as cross-reference driver's licenses and view booking photos.

The ability to develop, securely host and run custom applications on Treo smartphones presents a unique opportunity for the SDPD IT department, as well as the customers they serve. Officers also use Treo smartphones for access to calendar (with court-date reminders), email, contacts and tasks as well as other Microsoft Windows Mobile business tools, such as Word Mobile, Excel Mobile and PowerPoint Mobile, that come standard on the Treo 700w smartphone.

"Treo smartphones are a welcome addition to our arsenal of technology solutions that help save us time and money," said Officer Sandi Lehan, information officer for the SDPD. "They offer many benefits to our field officers, including photo support, portable compact design and contact-management capabilities. Treo smartphones also provide officers with quick and easy one-handed access to important information, making it invaluable in the field."

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joad @ 2/22/2007 4:20:21 PM # Q
Now the police can investigate crashes with a device that crashes!

RE: Perfect!
LiveFaith @ 2/22/2007 5:06:24 PM # Q
With so little memory, how could they possibly have 'Donut Chase' running in the b/g while sending and SMS? Upgrade em' to the WX in 6 month$ Palm. Probably dumped remaining stock on em' anyway.

Pat Horne
RE: Perfect!
ginsberg @ 2/24/2007 11:01:29 PM # Q
No doubt SD got a huge price break on a device that is 13+ months old and about to be removed from the Palm product line. But it is also a pretty dumb deal even if SD got a committment from Palm to provide an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 later this year.
RE: Perfect!
SeldomVisitor @ 2/25/2007 7:49:12 AM # Q
> No doubt SD got a huge price break on a device that is 13+ months
> old and about to be removed from the Palm product line....

Or on a device that the only carrier that has carried them declined to carry anymore resulting in massive inventory of them for PALM or one of their wholesalers.

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