Kyocera 7135 Available from Verizon in April

The widely anticipated successor to the QCP 6035 Smartphone, the Kyocera 7135 will be available in April through Verizon Wireless' business sales channels. Verizon made the announcement at the CTIA Wireless 2003 show.

The Palm Powered Kyocera 7135 features a small, lightweight clamshell design and CDMA2000 1X technology that enables peak data speeds of 153 kbps. It is the only converged device on the market to offer a 65,000-color 160x160 pixel display, Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology, an expansion card slot compatible with both MultiMediaCard(tm) (MMC) and SD(tm) card standards, and an onboard MP3 player.

Kyocera 7135 Smartphone ~~ Click for Larger ImageThe Kyocera 7135 also incorporates a speakerphone, voice-activated dialing, silent vibrating alert, two-way SMS text messaging, email, and three modes of Web access (HTML, Web Clipping and WAP). The numeric keypad allows easy, one-touch access to contact and calendar data as well as messages or the Web. Featuring Palm OSŪ v4.1, 33 MHz DragonBall MZ, and 16MB of onboard memory, the Kyocera 7135 offers the complete functionality of a Palm(tm) organizer and supports thousands of applications written for the Palm OS platform.

The Kyocera 7135 is a trimode Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless phone, operating on CDMA PCS (1900 MHz), CDMA cellular (800 MHz) and analog cellular networks. For data features the device will operate on Verizon Wireless' national high-speed Express Network, which is available in 900 cities nationwide and delivers average data transmission speeds between 40 and 60 kilobits per second (kbps) with bursts up to 144 kbps.

The device measures approximately 3.97 in. x 2.43 in. x 1.17 in. (100.8 mm. x 61.6 mm. 29.7 mm.) and weighs approximately 6.6 ounces (186 grams). A user-replaceable standard lithium (1200 mAh Li-Ion) ion battery provides up to 3.5 hours of talk time and up to 160 hours of standby time in digital mode.

Information on the Kyocera 7135 smartphone, its full line of accessories and third-party software is available at PIC also has a first impressions review.

UPDATE: Kyocera's website is now accepting orders for the 7135 with Verizon service for $549 after rebate.

Thanks to Gfunkmagic for the news tip.

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Catchem @ 3/19/2003 11:47:26 AM #
As a Verizon customer, this is good news.

This model doesn't really do it for me, but I have hopes that Verizon will offer more Palm powered options in the future.

Just got mine activated last night....

PalmAddict @ 3/19/2003 11:47:26 AM #
and boy were the sales people at Verizon jealous. It's a nice phone with a clean connection, just a couple of downsides:

Accessing Telephone numbers in the address book is not the easiest thing in the world (the telephone menu order is laid out odd),

the address book differs slightly from the standard Palm OS in that the text (including the name) is all the same size, no difference between name and telephone numbers,

tt's a little larger than you might expect (but not much),

the manual is a little sparse of information for the type of phone it is,

some things aren't intuitive like speaker volume,

and boy is it slow to turn on and off the phone (up to a good 15 seconds).

I need to play with it more, but I know that this is going to be a killer phone even with the few shortcomings.


"If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching television by candlelight." - George Gobol.

RE: Just got mine activated last night....
ray00pal @ 3/19/2003 8:56:38 PM #
Strongly suggest you return that phone, it is very far from a killer phone. Just look around, there are no positive posts here at all. I thought I was just being picky, but I found that I am really not the only one who laugh at it.

RE: Just got mine activated last night....
LadyBeryl @ 3/19/2003 11:27:16 PM #
I've had mine for 2 months and I LOVE IT. After 5 years with Palm devices, this was a natural way to converge my pager, cellphone and PDA in one package. The MP3 player and speakerphone are outstanding features.

Get TAKEphONE to make accessing phone numbers faster.

RE: Just got mine activated last night....
PalmAddict @ 3/20/2003 10:28:56 AM #
Return it for what? I got it free. Why would I return a free phone?


"If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching television by candlelight." - George Gobol.

RE: Just got mine activated last night....
billster25 @ 4/30/2003 12:53:15 AM #
How did you get it for free? It's $540 through Verizon with a 1 year service contract. Please help me understand.

Ignoring Consumers?

MV-Jon @ 3/19/2003 12:01:41 PM #
Is it just me or does it seem in one way or another all these companies are overlooking what a core group of consumers want?

If you scan the forums in PIC or any other handheld enthusiast site what the consumers want is simple.

We want smartphone devices like the Kyocera, Treo, Tungsten W, but we want them with the faster modern processors, more memory, PalmOS 5, Bluetooth, and multiple expansion slots. Even more so we want these smartphones for CDMA as well as GSM.

I must say it is nice to FINALLY see a cool device that will work on the CDMA network.

All the manufacturers and service providers are SO close now.

Come on guys! Get it together! I would gladly pay more than what you are getting for these current models if you give me the goods :)


RE: Ignoring Consumers?
Fammy @ 3/19/2003 12:35:03 PM #
Problem is, that's what the average Palm enthusiast wants (apparently one with a large wallet). The average consumer likes the Zire. Sales speak volumes.

I personally would love to see these "super" wireless PDA's but I don't think they would sell well. In our economy, you don't get what you want. You get what everyone collectively wants.


RE: Ignoring Consumers?
PalmAddict @ 3/19/2003 3:39:35 PM #

There are a couple of other problems as well;

1. Time to market. It takes time to get FCC approval for radio based products. This means that there will be approximately a one year lead time from OS release to hardware release (See the new Samsung OS5 phone due out Q3 of this year).

2. CDMA and GSM are competing products and companies like Kyocera (formerly of Qualcomm - creators of CDMA) have little interest in creating phones using a competetors service. It is very much the same reason there are not SD card slots in Sony devices. Yes, some companies cross both lines, but we can't expect them all to do it.

3. Those of us on the PDA boards are such a small insignificant number that the design of a product being geared soley to our requests would certainly spell the doom for a product. There needs to be a gradual introduction of features and capabilities or the general public would shy away from it as too complex. We are the ones that have been using these for years and can see what can be done with them, and yes it will eventually happen, but it does take time unfortunately.

4. Some ideas seem basic and simple and right (built in bluetooth in everything, dual card slots, etc...) and I want them too, but sometimes they are just too costly or technologically unfeasable at current to do them. 2 card slots could quite possibly be the most desired item right now, but it is possible that this would cause too much of a power drain and logistically designing a unit with 2 slots could require the removal of other features due to space constraints. Look at the NZ-90, they had to dramatically increase the size of the device for the new added features, not to mention the price. It's all a trade off that wille eventually get there.

Alright, enough of my rambling... I need to go play with my 7135!


"If it weren't for electricity we'd all be watching television by candlelight." - George Gobol.

Too big, Too late

HeavyUser @ 3/19/2003 12:31:00 PM #
I've seen this device and it is too big and heavy. For a Palm OS 4.x device is not worth it. Would be great one year ago but now I want Palm OS 5 (or PocketPC)
RE: Too big, Too late
gadgetguy @ 3/19/2003 1:28:43 PM #
You realize that it is a PDA and a phone, right? You say it's too big and heavy... but compared to what, exactly?

RE: Too big, Too late
hkklife @ 3/19/2003 2:46:15 PM #
I finally got the chance a few days ago to see one of these for just about 1 minute (someone from Alltel had one) and I have to admit it _is_ a bit larger than I anticipated from the pictures. That is, of course, using my v60 and a Treo as point of comparison. Screen quality was reasonable (but a tad small) but certainly better than my old m505. The apparent build quality was fine too. Didn't get to use it to browse the web or make a call, unfortunately.

I don't know if it's from being spoiled by my T|T, but app launching and general screen refreshes seemed somewhat slower than my old m505, even though they use identical CPUs. Maybe there is some background process(es) running that slows that Dragonball down a tad...or a slower memory bus?

Nevertheless, I cannot help but feel that it is still the best all-in-one currently on the market. However, the feature set just does not justify the price at this point in time. 6 months, 9 months or especially a year ago when we first started hearing about this unit, it'd have been a sure-fire homerun. I really think that Verizon or Kyocera (whoever you want to blame) bungled things quite a bit by not getting this thing out en masse by Christmas time. It's been all over PIC, Cnet, ZDnet, and the various computing magazines and websites but no one's been able to buy or see one until very recently. Remember, (especially as far as Verizon is concerned) when this thing was first leaked, color cell phones were pretty much a novelty in the US market. Now everyone and their brother offers a color cell phone and your average impatient business user has gotten tired of waiting for the 7135 and moved on to something smaller and flashier (like two of my coworkers did) that doesn't have PDA functionality.

RE: Too big, Too late
gadgetguy @ 3/19/2003 5:04:15 PM #
I agree that the launch was terribly bungled. I blame Verizon for their cumbersome QA process and Kyocera for not fully anticipating how cumbersome the process is. This should have been out by the Christmas season. The worst is that it's being made available AFTER Samsung announced their slick new SGH-i500 (the one with 320x320, built in camera and flash, etc). This is the best all-in-one out there. But now it can't claim that nothing is on the horizon.

Anyone have details on the new re-vamped Treo expected this summer?

Hi Res

Doo @ 3/19/2003 12:40:25 PM #
Did I miss it? Is it 160X160 or 320X320?

RE: Hi Res
Admin @ 3/19/2003 12:43:19 PM #
It's 160x160, I'll update the article to make it more clear.
RE: Hi Res
ray00pal @ 3/19/2003 1:29:44 PM #
If you want make something highend, you better put in highend goodies. What is a 160x160 display doing here? I think the marketing guy should be fired.

RE: Hi Res
kevdo @ 3/19/2003 1:42:21 PM #
>highend goodies

An mp3 player and SDIO slot don't count?

-Kevin Crossman

RE: Hi Res
rsc1000 @ 3/19/2003 2:35:21 PM #
>>I think the marketing guy should be fired.

I don't know what you think 'marketing guys' do - but they don't ussually nit-pick / or care about what the screen res of a device is - thats product development. The marketing guys just sell it.

RE: Hi Res
Doo @ 3/19/2003 2:42:07 PM #
I love PIC. Quick catch and fix.

I guess I'll stick with me 760 and V60i for now.

RE: Hi Res
ray00pal @ 3/19/2003 6:33:25 PM #
No... Marketing defines the roadmap, which then turns into specifications. You are confusing Marketing with Sales, who will be fired too, due to the expected slow sale. However, as I pointed out, it is really the marketing guy who should have been blamed.

RE: Hi Res
MikeInDM @ 3/20/2003 9:18:31 AM #
Or, maybe the market research guy that should be fired...
But maybe it's the customer that should be fired for buying more Zires than anything else.


160 in the hand worth 320 in the bush?

robrecht @ 3/19/2003 2:39:00 PM #
I'd much rather have a CDMA triband verion of the Samsung SGH-i500:

320x320, 32 MB RAM, OS5.2, 300 MHz and an extended life battery available.

Thanks, Robrecht

RE: 160 in the hand worth 320 in the bush?
kevdo @ 3/19/2003 3:12:19 PM #
Except that phone isn't supposed to be available until the Fall (and that's only if it doesn't slip...).

-Kevin Crossman
RE: 160 in the hand worth 320 in the bush?
MikeInDM @ 3/20/2003 9:20:14 AM #
Then I'll wait until fall. I don't need to HAVE IT RIGHT NOW! :)

Skip a release and you don't get cut on the bleeding edge (if this is the bleeding edge)

RE: 160 in the hand worth 320 in the bush?
screwtinize @ 3/20/2003 10:15:52 AM #
OS 4.x, I agree with the why-rush-to-it-now-after-all-this-time crowd. Prices will come down really soon(its-the-economy, stoopid) with the competitors, TW, already delivering the already outdated OS4 phones.

RE: 160 in the hand worth 320 in the bush?
robrecht @ 3/20/2003 5:26:17 PM #
"Except that phone isn't supposed to be available until the Fall"

That's why I asked if 160 in the hand is worth 320 in the bush.

Thanks, Robrecht

RE: 160 in the hand worth 320 in the bush?
LadyBeryl @ 3/22/2003 1:38:50 PM #
Yes. I'm glad I've realized the benefits of this phone since January. If something better comes around later in the year, I'll consider it then. Given how these things slip, the highres devices may not be available until 2004. I don't want to wait that long.

Available now

tabutler @ 3/19/2003 2:45:10 PM #
This phone is available now with NEW verizon service directly from the Kyocera website, or their partner

It comes with a $100 rebate and a free SD card and stereo headset/handsfree earbud

RE: Available now
kevdo @ 3/19/2003 3:14:02 PM #
Price appears to be $549 **after** rebate. Ouch!

-Kevin Crossman
RE: Available now
tabutler @ 3/19/2003 3:42:33 PM #
the free accessories offer expired prematurely, today at 2:00pm, due to overwhelming demand.

RE: Available now
gadgetguy @ 3/19/2003 5:09:15 PM #

Do you have a sense of how much it would be once it's available thru Verizon? I am assuming this $100 "rebate" via Kyocera's site is a bunch of crap. My bet is it will be $499. What's your take?

RE: Available now
LadyBeryl @ 3/22/2003 1:41:58 PM #
"Phone only" activation is available now for $699. Up from $649 in December. At least now Verizon "blesses" these activations.

some good, some bad features

devildoc @ 3/19/2003 6:23:16 PM #
As a clinician, the combination of a phone/PDA with the addition of a SD slot is great [if I can run programs from the card]. I currently carry my phone and HandEra and haven't opted for other phone/PDA combinations due to lack of expansion [64mb of memory on a PalmOS device is far too little].

Nonetheless, the screen resolution is a MAJOR drawback. A Newton 110/Toshiba phone-sized screen for viewing documents would be helpful @ 0300 when my eyes are all fuzzy.

Overpromise, underdeliver

screwtinize @ 3/20/2003 1:02:18 PM #
The wait for people like me, waiting to upgrade has me looking elsewheres, whilst keeping an eye on Palm. Symbian's lookin pretty tasty and as long as I have to wait, I, like everyone wants the most bang for the buck. If this wait continues more potential Palm sales will be lost. Not that I'd go to Windows, but other PDA/phone combos look good in these last few weeks. Hurry Up Palm!

Where are the Zire Phones?

robman @ 3/20/2003 4:47:59 PM #
Super powered phones with MP3 players and digital cameras and color displays are nice for those users willing to spend $600+ on a handheld, but is there no market for a $150 Zire+CDMA phone? It seems like you could whip up one of these babies in no time, keep it tiny and light weight with battery power to spare.

And if you went to the trouble to include more memory, you could ship the device with a HUGE suite of already available Palm OS games.

Concept drawings are forming in my head. Any takers???

RE: Where are the Zire Phones?
LadyBeryl @ 3/21/2003 11:42:12 PM #
Sounds like you want the Samsung SPH-500 coming to a Sprint store near you.


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