New Handhelds From Lenovo for China

Lenovo and PalmSource, today officially welcomed the first Palm OS 5 Simplified Chinese Edition handhelds from Lenovo, the P100 and P300. The new models are designed specifically for the Chinese handheld market and come with a a speaking English dictionary and language software.

Lenovo P100 & P300The Palm Powered P100 and P300 from Lenovo are full-featured handhelds that integrate traditional Palm OS PIM functionality and state-of-the-art multi-media capabilities, in a sleek and compact form factor. Lenovo's P100 is an affordable entry-level handheld aimed at Chinese students, while the P300 model is a mid-tier device targeting business professionals.

"The modular architecture of Palm OS has enabled Lenovo to create differentiated products for the China market, like the P100 and P300, that expand Lenovo's current product offerings," said Mr. Liu Jun Yan, GM of Lenovo Digital Mobile Business. "We look forward to a continued collaboration with PalmSource to bring innovative mobile devices to market and broaden our reach into new market segments."

"The launch of the P100 and P300 from Lenovo are important milestones in the innovation and distribution of Palm Powered smart mobile devices in the China market," said David Nagel, president and CEO of PalmSource. "We believe the new Palm Powered P100 and P300 extend the power and flexibility of Palm OS and offer significant opportunities for new and existing Palm OS developers to develop innovative solutions for the education and enterprise markets in China."

In addition to Palm OS PIM functionality, the P300 and P100 come bundled with English learning tools, including Mintel's Smart Memory Engine. Recommended to students by educational institutions, this solution also provides video English teaching programs that can be displayed on the handheld.

The devices integrate Motorola's i.MXL applications processor, an SD/MMC memory card expansion slot and built-in video and MP3 players. The P100 features a gray level 320 x 320 display, 8MB RAM and 8MB ROM, while the P300 has a color 320 x 320 TFT LCD screen, 16MB RAM and 8MB ROM.

Lenovo P300 ~ Click for larger!Choosing Palm OS 5 Simplified Chinese Edition enables world-class licensees, such as Lenovo, to create innovative Palm Powered smart mobile devices tailored to specific vertical markets, including wireless, educational, and enterprise. Palm OS 5 Simplified Chinese Edition incorporates enhanced multimedia and wireless features that extend the power, flexibility, and ease of use that has made the Palm OS platform a leader in the handheld and smartphone space.

About Legend Group Limited
Legend Group Limited is the largest IT corporation in the Peoples Republic of China. Its own brand PC has been the country's best-selling PC since 1997 and had a market share of about 27.3% in 2002 according to International Data Corporation. Legend is also the number one PC brand in the Asia Pacific market (excluding Japan) with a market share of 12.4%. Legend is dedicated to streamlining customers' living and working conditions by providing the latest and best in IT products and services and to contribute responsibly to the development of the wider community.

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Design and Price

pen_n_paper @ 12/8/2003 11:33:38 AM #
Although the design is not the best in its class, this would have been my Christmas present.

By the way, how much does the P100 and P300 cost?

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RE: Design and Price
Hal2000 @ 12/8/2003 12:37:43 PM #
Notice the lack of silkscreen area.

"One hour martinizing! Who is this guy martin anyhow?"


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