Romance Survey Contest Winners and Stories

The results of the PalmInfocenter/palmOne Romance Survey have been compiled and palmOne issued a news release based on the survey data. It was a tremendous success, generating more than 1,000 responses in just four days, with 67 Percent of respondents saying that their Handheld plays a role in their love life. Read on for the winning PDA romance stories...

The contest was a huge success and the number and quality of responses was truly incredible. In fact, they were so good palmOne decided to award two grand prized instead of one. The grand prize was awarded to the participants who submitted the most compelling, truthful story about using their handheld or smartphone in their love/romance/dating life. The grand prize was a Tungsten E handheld and box of chocolates or a dozen red roses (sent to a person of the winner's choice). Two random participants were also awarded a new Zire 71 handheld.

The two lucky randomly selected winners are:
Tonda Oakes and Patrick Bear

And the dual grand prizes were awarded to:
Greg Gaub from Seattle, Washington and Micheal of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Congratulations to the winners of the first PalmInfocenter contest! Stay tuned for more contests and giveaways this year at PalmInfocenter! In the spirit of Valentines Day the winners have kindly allowed us to share their stories.

Greg Gaub's story:
I used my, and my wife's, palm in a VERY romantic way. I went through old photos of after I met my then wife to be, photos of when we were dating, and photos from our wedding. I then scanned them all into my computer, and used a video editing tool to make a slide show with fades and cool transitions, progressing from when we first met to when we jumped into the limo for our honeymoon. I added a music track with a favorite song, and saved it as an MPEG movie. I then used Kinoma Producer to convert it into a Kinoma movie for her Zire 71. On Christmas morning, I put an SD card with the move and the player on it into her Zire, and brought her palm to her and told her to look at it. She layed there in bed, mesmerized and smiling throughout the entire movie. I earned lots of points for that one! :) This also served as the romantic/thoughtful thing for our 10th anniversary, which was mere days away. My only problem now is that I'll have a hard time following that one up in the future. ;-)

Micheal's story:
I have used a Palm quite extensively in my love life. I guess that can be due to the fact I am both a romantic and a techno guy. From the very basic of carrying photos of me and my fiance to the much more elaborate. Poetry I have written for my fiance over the course of our dating sits in her memo files in its own special category. I have used the zooware site many times to beam e-cards over to her Palm. Now we both have Tungsten's with bluetooth, she can unexpectedly get a special delivery. Since we sync to the same machine I have put special little messages that would appear in her appointment book for her to find unexpectedly during her day. Syncing on the same computer also allows me to drop in special photos to surprise her, such as me holding a sign telling her I love you or just saying hello. I also have a Treo 600, making great use of the ability to send little I love you's to her or an e-mail. This is a great help since I am usually not near my desk alot in the course of my job. Of course, I rather make use of the Treo's voice capability when she gets time to sneak a call in. The best thing I have found lately is a program you can write greeting cards and have them appear at the time and date you wish. As of late, the Palm has helped in tracking all the information and things we need to do for our wedding in July (who knew that there was so much, good thing for 64 Meg of memory) We also make use of Palm's DualDate so we can track each other's busy schedules (Too bad they haven;t updated it lately, it is a great concept) And as I write this, I am making use of my Treo laying next to my wonderful fiance. So Sweetie, if you see this, I love you!

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Thanks, this was fun.

halcyon @ 2/14/2004 3:16:12 PM #
Thanks a lot for pulling off this survey and prize competition. It was a lot of fun, and I was very eager to see who won (esp. if it would have been me).

Reading the winners is a good challenge to turn the charm up a little bit, too -- I know my wife would appreciate that.

Happy Valentines.

Thanks to PalmInfoCenter and to PalmOne

speedracer5 @ 2/15/2004 8:52:30 AM #
I believe it was a great contest. It was a wonderful thing that Palm decided to award two grand prizes. It just goes to show that a little imagination goes a long way. Thanks again, my fiance Lyn enjoyed her roses.

Micheal aka "Speed"

You may be a race car driver at heart if you refer to leaving your driveway as "Turn 1"

RE: Thanks to PalmInfoCenter and to PalmOne
GregGaub @ 2/15/2004 8:14:45 PM #
Hehe, you should have seen the smile on my wife's face as she put her roses into a vase. That poor old vase has been collecting dust for years. Like I said, I'll have a hard time following this one up. ;-)

-- SeaPUG: --

Congrats to the winners!

Vidge @ 2/15/2004 11:23:37 PM #
Great stories. Congratulations!

Moderator, Daily Gadget

Congratulations Greg!

mashby @ 2/16/2004 2:06:35 AM #
Way to go Greg! Hope you don't mind, but I'll be stealing your idea for MY anniversary coming up this May. :)

Michael T. Ashby
RE: Congratulations Greg!
GregGaub @ 2/16/2004 1:53:01 PM #
Everyone in the world can copy me, and more power to them! Good luck to all that do it, or anything else, to score some brownie points with their SO. :)

-- SeaPUG: --


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