Google Launches Personalized Mobile Homepage

Google has created a mobile version of their personalized Google homepage. The new service puts your gmail, weather, rss newsfeeds and stocks up in one place on a mobile friendly page.

Google MobileYou need to use the desktop version of Google personalized home to choose which content to add to your phone's homepage. To get to the service on your mobile device visit: More information can be found here.

Google has also launched a new service that will format any URL of a large webpage for small mobile device screens. The service is located here:

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nice reformat

joad @ 1/19/2006 9:12:14 PM # Q
I've seen several attempts over the years to reformat text for the mobile browser, and this one seems really, really good.

It even cuts through all the bloat and allows you to view Palmgear pages (but you STILL can't download files!)

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