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PalmInfocenter was founded in January 1999 by Ryan Kairer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has since has grown into the leading source of industry news, reviews and community discussions dedicated exclusively to the coverage of Palm Inc products. With an average of over 500,000 unique visitors per month, PalmInfocenter is the online destination of choice for the mobile enthusiast. The site has been recognized as a leader in its category time and time again.

PalmInfocenter has been sourced and mentioned in a wide variety of both print and online publications including: The New York Times,, BusinessWeek, The Industry Standard, The Investors Business Daily, Wired News,, The San Francisco Chronicle to name a few.

What others are saying about PalmInfocenter

"Innovative, fun and informative, the Palm Infocenter is on my list of top resources for anyone who uses a Palm organizer."
Mike Elgan, former editor of Windows Magazine, editor of PortableLife and Windows Magazine's Win Letter newsletters.
"PalmInfocenter has always been the bible of Palm news and is always educational to read what is going on and what comments users are saying."
Sammy McLoughlin, Founder & editor of PalmAddicts
"The rather monochromatic Palm Infocenter is a good source of news, press releases and user polls. Another excellent resource that you'll come back to.
PalmUser Magazine, A PalmTop publication.
"Name one Web site that'll fit into the palm of your hand -- the Palm Infocenter. This can be your "portable portal" to the latest news, reviews, and tips you can use. "
Featured in Locker Gnome, High quality E-mail Newsletters. (Sept. 1999)

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