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Welcome to the Palm Graveyard, the Internet's special resting place for desceased PDA's. This page was founded and inspired by the death of my first Palm III, and has grown into a haunted digital wasteland of broken handheld devices. Rumors abound that the ghost of Windows CE frequents these very grounds.

Have a horror story or a picture of your dead Palm or PDA to share? Submit your tombstone to: The Palm Infocenter Webmaster Images are encouraged but not required. The latest 5 gruesome deaths are listed below. The tombs of the Palm Graveyard is always open to browse.


Palm III Resurrection

Victim: Lodragan Draoidh
Date added: 3/16/2007


Palm III Resurrection This story begins with a Palm Pilot that I bought the year it originally came out (1997 I believe). It served me for many happy years (3). In 2000 I got a Palm M100 - and passed on the Pilot to my wife for her use. Shortly thereafter it fell out of her purse in the mall onto concrete! (I was there and saw it happen - I nearly had a nervous breakdown).

I put it back together, but it would not start after that - and I resigned myself to its death. I was too attached to it to give it a proper burial, and slid it into its leather case and stowed it in my desk drawer - just until I could get up the nerve to put it down for good.

For many years I was in a funk - never quite happy with the M100 or later the Casio I got for cheap to revisit the 'big screen' days of my youth - I finally eschewed PDAs. Nevertheless time heals all wounds, and so I found myself revisiting the idea of writing my own applications to capture ideas on the fly on a portable device - so I dug out the old PDAs, including the old Casio that I had for a short time. The Casio was not suitable for what I intended, the M100 ran fine - but the Palm Pilot was still dead - so I thought, "what the heck? I can't make it any more dead than it already is..."

A thunderstorm descended at the same time that I began the operation. I took the case completely apart, and noticed flakes of corrosion as sheets of rain began falling outside. I cleaned it carefully with canned air, a clean toothbrush, and a pencil with an eraser. After all the corrosion was removed and conductive material shined to remove all traces, I carefully reconnected its parts and closed the case over its brain for the final time. Lightening lit up the room.

I placed new AAA batteries in the compartment and sealed it up. The moment was at hand! I hit the power button - and it came alive. It was alive - resurrected from the dead! It forced me to go through its setup program - which I did with dread; would it barf and fly off the handle? Could I trust it with my data?

Happily it is still running fine and is the centerpiece of my Linux/Palm system today. I am thinking about putting embedded Linux on the M100 -- still in research mode atm to see if it is feasible. I am going to leave palmOS on the Palm Pilot - perhaps write an app or two for it in its native tongue and help it continue to be a useful partner rather than a curiosity of a bygone era.


Unknown Rattling Symptomatic

Victim: Mark Trozzi
Date added: 3/16/2007


Unknown Rattling Symptomatic Unknown rattling sounds may be symptomatic of bigger problems, that and if the screen doesn't work right!

So, as the story goes, I acquired a used Palm IIIe for free from a friend whom said he "never knew why it stopped working." When I put in batteries and turned it on it only showed a filled screen with every pixel on/black, as well it made a very quiet whining sound, similar to my Tungsten|E actually. It also had a rattling sound, which meant something was loose inside the hand-held.

So, I diligently took it apart, quite easily actually, with only 4 screws and a wide flat head to pry it open. Once open I carefully examined it and discovered that the insides appeared in perfect condition except for one thing. What I believe is the culprit of the problem is the small object on the main-board I highlighted in my pictures that appears to have it's top edge partially chipped apart. I discovered these small chips were what was rattling around on the inside. AHA! There is also an identical part like this about 3/4 inch nearer the battery slots and it's not damaged as far as I can tell.

I think these are voltage transformer's of some type, based on my rudimentary knowledge of electronics parts, and if the broken one is not properly changing the power level it's supposed to then that may be why the Palm doesn't work right. I think that the problem is only with the screen functioning properly, and I believe that it is working fine otherwise since it makes a proper "tap" sound when I tap the screen indicating that the digitizer works, I think...

I have highlighted the areas of interest with a red box.

It seems to be in near-perfect condition other than this problem. But at this stage of the game, it's mostly useless except for parts....A shame....anyone want it?


Hotsync with a Broken Screen

Victim: sorceror171
Date added: 3/15/2007 9:01:17 PM


Hotsync with a Broken Screen A couple days ago a guy on Usenet was saying he had a Tungsten E with a dead screen; since it just uses a mini-USB connector, there was no way to start a HotSync and rescue the data stuck on it.

So I coded up a tiny utility that you can put on a memory card as /Palm/start.prc; when you insert the card, it'll trigger a HotSync.

So, if the Palm has a memory card interface and a dead screen *and* you can't initiate a HoySync any other way, this little program might come in handy.

I call it Seance. ( :-> ) It's free, under the GPL, and available here:

Just thought it might be worth mentioning in the Graveyard since people with dead screens would tend to find your site, and there's a dim chance maybe one person a year would find it useful.


Palm marinading in hair lacquer

Victim: Winston Smith
Date added: 3/15/2007 9:01:17 PM


Palm marinading in hair lacquer Having had some success at repairing Palm's (two Visor Edges, a Tungsten T and a Tungsten E live on thanks to my efforts), I felt rather confident about repairing my sisters T3. "Is the screen broken?" I said. No. "Okay, so what does it do?". Nothing, she replied. It won't turn on. "And how long has it been broken?". Oh, about two weeks. Since I last visted New York. "Fine. Bring it round and I'll take a look."

The poor thing was soaking. It had been marinading in hair lacquer for a fortnight. The noxious liquid has seeped behind the digitiser and, when I dismantled it, I discovered that the circuit boards were covered in a thick fur of green and white corrosion. Palm T3? Rest In Peace.

Her iPod Mini was similarly soaked and damaged. As with the Palm, I tried to turn it on before dismantling it. Remarkably, it fired up briefly before shutting down with a hard disk fault. Further investigation revealed that the hard disk was fine - but that the hard disk controller was irrevocably broken. iPod Mini? Also RIP.

She wants to get an iPod Nano now. Should be okay if she keeps it in a condom to protect it from the noxious substances that it'll be sharing her handbag with. As for the Palm, apparently that'll be replaced with a Blackberry. Blegh. As for me, I'll be sticking with my Tungsten T (aka m550) - I brought it back from the dead, and it's now my faithful servant. Must be gratitude.


Never turned on again

Victim: Anonymous
Date added: 3/14/2007 12:17:27 PM


I was really happy when I bought my first Palm handheld on my birthday. I got just enough money for a Palm Z22. I enjoyed Palm OS Garnet and all the apps I had on the installation cd and those that I downloaded from the Internet. I bought it at Circuit City with 90 day warranty. And guess what? On 88 day of my warranty I downloaded an app from PalmSouce. Right after I HotSynced my Z22, I decided to open the app. All I could see is some wierd screens and suddenly my Palm turned off. I tried to turn it on, but no luck. I read everything I could find on the Internet about what just happened to my hanheld, but unfortunatlly, nothing solved my problem.

I tried everything. Reset, charging, waiting and periodacally checking if it works. On 89 day of my warranty I went to Circuit City trying to get my money back (I wanted to buy something else this time). They asked me some questions about what and how it happend, so I told them. After calling Palm and doing something, they gave me a brand new Z22. RIP my old Palm.

I didn't use the new Palm for a very long time, I traded it for a 5-year old Sony Clie PEG T-615C. I'm pretty happy with it, but I still miss Palm OS 5 and Graffiti 2 =).

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