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1 7/27/2005 Tapwave Discontinues Zodiac Business
Tapwave, makers of the Zodiac Palm OS gaming handheld, have discontinued their Zodiac handheld business according to a posting on the company's website.
2 5/4/2005 Tapwave Shifting Focus?
The latest word from Tapwave is that the company is undergoing a transition and is moving away from creating their own branded models. However, the company still plans to develop co-branded products…
3 2/28/2005 Updated WiFi Software for the Tapwave Zodiac
Tapwave has released a new public beta of its SDIO WiFi software for the Zodiac gaming handheld. The update adds speed and reliability enhancements and more WiFI network support.
4 12/2/2004 Zodiac Gets SD WiFi Drivers and Free Email Client
Tapwave has announced a Wi-Fi SD card solution for the Zodiac Palm Powered multimedia handheld. In addition to the Zodiac's built-in Bluetooth, users can now use a SanDisk Wi-Fi SD card or the palmOne…
5 11/17/2004 Tapwave Reaches the UK, Singapore and S Korea
Since launching the awarding-winning Zodiac multimedia handheld in the U.S., international demand has been high. In response, Tapwave recently formed partnerships with well-established companies in…
6 9/1/2004 Tapwave Heading into European Markets
Tapwave after seeing strong interest from distributors, customers and the game development community (over 40% of Tapwave's 3000 developers hail from Europe) has led the company to expand into Europe.…
7 6/24/2004 Tapwave Zodiac Now in CompUSA Stores
The Tapwave Zodiac mobile entertainment console, its accessories and games were rolled out in all 227 CompUSA stores today. The Zodiac will be placed in the mobile computing section of the CompUSA…
8 6/21/2004 Tapwave Zodiac Now Debuting at Retail
The Tapwave Zodiac console, its accessories and games made their retail debut today in J&R Music World, a large consumer electronics and entertainment destination in lower Manhattan. The handheld is…
9 5/11/2004 Tapwave Coming to US Retail Stores
Tapwave has announced that the Zodiac handhelds and games will soon be available at CompUSA retail stores nationwide in June. Tapwave also announced a host of new titles coming to the platform by…
10 4/6/2004 Tapwave Releases Zodiac 1.1 Update
Tapwave has released an update for the Zodiac 1 and 2 Palm OS gaming consoles. The update delivers a number of new features, bug fixes and new settings including Bluetooth updates and background music…
11 4/5/2004 Mac Zodiac Syncronization Software Released  
12 10/31/2003 Tapwave Zodiac Pre-orders Begin Shipping  
13 9/17/2003 Tapwave Zodiac Now Available for Pre-order  
14 9/5/2003 More On the Tapwave Zodiac  
15 8/4/2003 Tapwave Zodiac Simulator Screen Shots  
16 7/30/2003 Tapwave Helix now the Zodiac, Coming Sept?  
17 5/6/2003 Tapwave Licenses the Palm OS  
18 5/5/2003 TapWave to Intro Helix, Game Focused Handheld  

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