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1 6/9/2011 Aceeca PDA32 News Updates
Not long after the surprise but very welcome release of Palm Desktop USB drivers for 64-bit versions of Windows, Aceeca is back with a slew of news surrounding its PDA32 and its possible future…
2 4/28/2011 Aceeca Releases 64-bit Palm OS Hotsync Drivers
Ruggedized PDA manufacturer Aceeca has done what many thought impossible by releasing USB drivers for users of 64-bit Windows and Palm OS Garnet devices. While the driver is primarily intended…
3 1/19/2011 New PDA32 Details and Review Roundup
Despite being announced over a year ago, Aceeca's first consumer-oriented handheld, the PDA32, has seen a rather bumpy road to production. While the handheld's Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity…
4 1/19/2011 Aceeca Brings Garnet OS Options to Two Handhelds
The mobile OS that refuses to die, Palm OS Garnet, continues to received incremental life extensions courtesy of Aceeca. This time around, the company is returning to its fully ruggedized handheld…
5 11/16/2010 Aceeca Working on Ruggedized Palm OS Tablet
While most fans have postulated that the end of the road for new Palm OS hardware is the recently-launched Aceeca PDA32 handheld, a series of posts in the company's official PDA32 support forums has…
6 10/7/2010 Acecca Confirms Additional PDA32 Details
Via their community forums, Acecca has posted some new details and information about the world's only "new" Palm OS Garnet handheld, the PDA32. First off, the previously unofficial revised pricing…
7 9/2/2010 Tam's Preliminary PDA32 Review Posted
In his continuing coverage of the first new Palm OS handheld in nearly five years, TamsPalm has posted a wrap-up of their preliminary overview of the device. Tam's multi-part preview is available in…
8 8/2/2010 Aceeca's PDA32 Memory Configs Confirmed
A post on the Aceeca message board responded to a member's request for additional information on the memory available for use by the user on the new Garnet-powered PDA32 handheld. Aceeca employee…
9 7/22/2010 PDA32 Option Modules Not Modular
Bit by bit, day by day, we are learning more details about Aceeca's new PDA32 Palm OS Garnet OS handheld.  Today's tip comes courtesey of Aceeca's CEO ALex Topschij via Tam's Palm.   After the recent…
10 7/20/2010 PDA32 Option Modules Priced
Via his TamsPalm site, Tam Hanna has just chimed in with some brief but noteworthy pricing news for prospective Aceeca PDA32 purchasers. For the first time that I'm aware of, this is the first time…
11 7/19/2010 Aceeca PDA32 Now Available for Purchase  
12 7/16/2010 Initial Acceeca PDA32 Reviews Posted  
13 6/21/2010 Aceeca PDA32 Begins Testing Phase  
14 6/16/2010 Aceeca PDA32 to Begin Pre-Production Soon  
15 4/8/2010 Aceeca PDA32 Pictured and Detailed  
16 1/18/2010 Aceeca Readying New Palm OS Garnet Handhelds  
17 10/29/2008 Aceeca Meazura Handheld ROM Update  
18 5/6/2003 Palm OS licensed to Aceeca  

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