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1 3/15/2010 Former Exec Calls PalmSource a 'Huge Strategic Error'
A recently distributed AP article about the latest sales woes at Palm Inc. reaches into the timelines of Palm Inc's not too distant past and pulls out some interesting disclosures and quotes. While…
2 12/12/2006 Access Linux Platform Release Date Slips
ACCESS has revealed in a recent statement that the initial release of the Access Linux Platform has been delayed. PalmSource previously stated that the ALP software developer kit would be available by…
3 8/13/2006 PalmSource Announces the ACCESS Developer Network
ACCESS and its wholly owned subsidiary, PalmSource, today announced the ACCESS Developer Network, a new online resource designed to accelerate the creation, distribution and usage of mobile Linux…
4 8/13/2006 ALP Component Released to Open Source Community
PalmSource today announced it is releasing its recently created software library known as libsqlfs, under a Lesser General Public License (LGPL). Created as part of the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP),…
5 7/24/2006 PalmSource Exhibiting ALP at LinuxWorld SF
PalmSource will be exhibiting the Access Linux Platform at LinuxWorld San Francisco, August 14-17th. There will also be a special PalmSource Developer Day, which includes a number of sessions on ALP…
6 7/19/2006 PalmAddicts Interviews PalmSource Spokesperson
PalmAddicts has posted a transcript of an email interview with Maureen O’Connell, the Senior Director of Corporate Communications at PalmSource, Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan's ACCESS…
7 4/4/2006 Access Linux Platform Shown at LinuxWorld
PalmSource is exhibiting at the LinuxWorld conference going on this week in Boston. PalmInfocenter is live on the scene to bring you this exclusive new preview of the Access Linux Platform. Read…
8 3/14/2006 PalmSource to Exhibit at LinuxWorld Boston
PalmSource will be be exhibiting at the upcoming LinuxWorld Boston conference. The LinuxWorld Conference & Expo is taking place April 3-6, 2006 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.
9 2/22/2006 Access Linux Platform Demo Screenshots
A few screenshots of the ACCESS Linux Platform have been published. The pictures show a few aspects of the ALP demo that was being shown by PalmSource at 3GSM. Like the previous pictures these…
10 2/17/2006 More Details on the ACCESS Linux Platform
PalmInfocenter had a chance to speak with Albert Chu, VP of Business Development at PalmSource who provided some additional details about the newly announced ACCESS Linux Platform. Read on for the…
11 2/16/2006 Pictures of the Palm OS Emulator on ALP  
12 2/14/2006 ACCESS and PalmSource Announce the ACCESS Linux Platform  
13 12/19/2005 PalmSource Announces Winners of Powered Up Awards  
14 11/14/2005 PalmSource Joins Linux Phone Standards Forum  
15 11/14/2005 PalmSource Now Accepting Nominations for Powered Up Awards  
16 10/17/2005 PalmSource Joins OSDL  
17 10/5/2005 Motorola Also Bid For PalmSource  
18 9/29/2005 PalmSource ACCESS Deal Gets Antitrust Clearance  
19 9/22/2005 PalmSource Reports Fiscal First Quarter Results  
20 9/20/2005 Palm Attempted to Buy PalmSource  
21 9/12/2005 PalmSource Sale Won't Affect Licensees  
22 9/9/2005 PalmSource Stock Surges on Acquisition News  
23 9/8/2005 PalmSource Acquired By ACCESS  
24 8/9/2005 PalmSource and MontaVista Team on Next Gen Linux Phones  
25 8/5/2005 No Oktoberfest PalmSource Conference This Year  
26 7/6/2005 LG Electronics Licensees the Palm OS  
27 7/5/2005 PalmSource Shifting All Efforts to Linux Development  
28 6/29/2005 New Major PalmSource Licensee Expected Soon  
29 6/29/2005 PalmSource Posts Profit, Cuts Jobs  
30 5/31/2005 PalmSource Executives Elaborate on Linux Strategy  
31 5/31/2005 PalmSource Mobile Summit Podcasts  
32 5/23/2005 PalmSource CEO David Nagel Resigns  
33 5/12/2005 PalmSource Launches Palm Powered Mobile World in China  
34 5/3/2005 PalmSource Names New Board Member  
35 4/21/2005 PalmSource Installer v1.5 Released  
36 4/6/2005 PalmSource Mobile Summit Awards and DevCon Details  
37 3/31/2005 PalmSource Reports Slight Net Loss  
38 3/25/2005 New Member Appointed to PalmSource Board of Directors  
39 3/9/2005 PalmSource Presenting at Smartphone Summit and CTIA  
40 3/8/2005 PalmSource Joins the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum  

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