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Bicycle Mistransportation

Victim: someone?
Date added: 5/4/1999


Bicycle Mistransportation Well, we had just walked out of my friends house when me and my buddy were about to go back to my house, I had him ride my bike, and I ran. Seeing as I didn't want my Palm III damaged by me rattiling in my pocket while running, I had him transport it. Well, I was walking out to the street, when I heard "uh oh", I looked back. I saw my bike was on the ground, I told him not to worry about the bike. Then he pointed at my palm-sized life on the ground. Knowing it was an accident I said, "dude, don't worry about it. It's ok." We picked it up and saw the crack in the screen. He paniced, I was, suprizingly, calm about it. He said "oh my god, I'm soooo sorry" over and over again. Well, his parents and him split the $100, and I got my new one in the mail.

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