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A Good Idea Gone Bad

Victim: Chris Mance
Date added: 7/5/2001


A Good Idea Gone Bad Weeks ago I got the good idea of adding a DC power socket to my m100, so that I could conserve on batteries and plug it in when I was at home. I completed the modification, used the correct 3 V power adapter, plugged it in.... All of a sudden the palm logo apers, it hard rested it's self, I thought no big deal, hard reset. I continued to use my palm for weeks it worked fine, plugged in and not plugged it. The batteries went dead so I went to change them,,, it performed a hard reset.

Now every time I take out my batteries it performs a hard reset. I reopened my palm, tested the backup power supply, and the, resistor,,, they were both fried. Now my palm is on its way to a slow death. Since then I have replaced the power switch, installed a new battery holder, made new contacts on the mother board, and installed a new resister. None of this has slowed the death of my palm Just the opposite, I am starting to see lines in my screen...Blank....Ded.

Chris Mance
15 year old "Palm Hacker"

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