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If all things were like my Palm III

Victim: Tjalling
Date added: 7/18/2001


A few months ago I got my Palm from a friend of mine, who had dropped it. The glass was broken, and he knew a site of replacement glasses. So I got busy, and repaired it. Between that moment and now I have dropped it twice, once on the floor with slippery hands, and once in a rush for a train on the platform. Both times it went dead. Both of the times I was able to repair it (cable out of it's socket). The latest near dead experience was a fall in water while I was sailing. I was able to retreive it from the bottom of the lake and I cleaned it with destilled water, cleaned it with vinegar (against the oxidation and chalk, within a day...) and washed it again with destilled water. Let it dry for two days, and until now it still works perfectly!! I don't have much things that survive such torturing!

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