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Ohhhh, my Dear Visor Deluxe

Victim: Brynjar Stefansson
Date added: 10/29/2001


About 5 months ago I opened my Visor slim leather case to find that the screen of my Visor was broken. Well this can happen to anyone I guess. I sent it back to Handspring and had to pay 100$ to get it fixed.

Today I was listening to mp3 songs on the Soundsgood mp3 player in my Visor. I had my Visor sitting on my desk next to me while I was browsing the internet with my laptop computer. Suddenly I remembered that I had some work to do. I moved my head to try to see where I had put my briefcase, but when I moved my head, I pulled the headphone cord that was attached to my Visor and pulled my Visor off my desk. It fell to the floor with a loud bang. It landed upside down. When I picked it up I saw it. The screen was not broken, but the lcd under the screen was shattered.

I'm not getting this one fixed again, I will live my life without a pda. Yeaaa right.
Visor Edge here I come.

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