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Muscle Machine Mishap

Victim: Michael Anderson
Date added: 10/30/2001


Muscle Machine Mishap I was overjoyed to find your site as I thought that I was the only one who shattered these things. This is the third Palm screen that I have broken. It must be some type of record.

I use my Palm constantly, and since I started to use AvantGo, I almost never go anywhere without it. So here I am in the gym the other day, reading the New York Times on my Palm. I'm doing curls on a Nautilus type curl machine that I don't generally use. I set the Palm down, in the case, on one of the cross supports of the machine. I get just about done with the first rep and WHAM, a moving part of the machine intersects the plane that my Palm occupies and down to the floor it goes.

Having dropped my Palms on many occasions and up to that point having taken it out of the case to find cracked screens twice, I was not entirely sure what to expect.

Slowly I slide the case off to find what you can see was a direct hit to the lower right corner. Crazy thing is that the two other cracked screens that I had were lesser impacts that cracked the screen and rendered the unit inoperable. This one still works. I went to CDW and picked up a new Palm, went home and syncd up the old one, syncdup the new one and was back in business in an hour after the original one broke.

Anyone want to buy a damaged Palm that still works?
Michael Anderson
Centurion, Inc.

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