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m100 taken over by Demons!

Victim: Darius Thomas
Date added: 1/3/2002


I purchased my m100 back in Nov. 2000. It was working fine for a few months, until it was possessed by Satan! Now I turn on the unit, the screen magically opens the pop-up menus on its own! I thought that the digitizer screen had some pressure on it, so I tried to take it apart, boy was that a mistake! Not only are the torx 5 screws nearly impossible to remove (especially with a pocket knife), but try and find a T5 driver at the local Home Depot- Impossible!! Well I finally got it apart, and I must say, the older Palm units were solid, the m100 practically broke in my hands! It has now been completely taken over by demons, and it's not worth the money it would take for an exorcism!!

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