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Demise of the Unused IIIe

Victim: Cheryl Nicole Lee
Date added: 3/7/2002


Demise of the Unused IIIe Two years back, both my dad and I recieved a Palm V for christmas. So that my mum wouldn't feel left out, my dad bought her a Palm IIIe. Being tech-unsavy, this Palm Pilot was mostly unused for 2 years. The other day my Palm V screen was a little wonky (not touch sensitive anymore) and I took out my mum's old IIIe to use.

Not 1 week later, I accidentally dropped it from the height of my computer keyboard table. (You know how it is, just a sweep of the hand and, whoops!) The screen had a humongous diagonal crack from bottom left to upper right and doesn't work anymore! such a short distance. I'd dropped my Palm V so many times that I've lost count, but nothing ever happened. One small fall and now the IIIe is dead! Grrr.. lousy plastic cheapo thing..

Given the current PDA market, fixing the screen of this obsolete Palm is so not worth it, so I'm aiming to get a Sony Clie (probably T415 or S320) instead. Haha blessing in disguise.

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