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Victim: Roland
Date added: 8/12/1999


Here is a "horror-story" from the Netherlands. I'm still in the process of mourning about the death of my first Palm V, so I did not take a picture from what once was my second brain. As I am a consultant by trade, I have a huge list of contacts to manage, and always a pile of "post-its" on my desk. Every evening I enter them in MS Outlook 2000 and HotSync with my Palm V (which by the way works perfectly!). However, this time when I did the HotSync, I leaned back in my chair and at the same time streched my legs. As you might guess, I hit the serial cable of the HotSync Cradle and all landed on the ground. Although the system was still working, the touch screen was broken in several pieces and did not respond anymore. I was then happy to learn, that 3Com has a screen repair service for $100. You send in your Palm V with the broken screen and 3Com returns a Palm V that had the same problem, which they have already repaired. It is also possible to wait for your own Palm V to be repaired (although this takes a while longer).

The next day I bought a bag of "tie-rips" and all the cables are now secured to my desk. When travelling I use a GameBoy holster in which I put my Palm V in it's Hard Case for extra safety. Although the Hard Case is not favoured by many Palm V users, I think it still looks OK if used in public and gives enough protection. The GameBoy holster has a solid belt clip and easily fits a PalmIII as well and besides that, it is very cheap.

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