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These Pants are Cursed!

Victim: Derek Cunningham
Date added: 4/14/2002


These Pants are Cursed! I was shopping for a new pair of jeans at Marks Work Wearhouse. I picked up a pair that I thought would fit, and proceeded to try them on in the change room. I took off the old pair (complete with Palm in my front left pocket), set them slightly aside, then while pulling on the new pair I stepped on my Palm. I didn't have my shoes on at the time, and my step was fairly light, but I guess it was hard enough to crack the screen. You can see the point of impact because the glass starts breaking there. It also gave a small dent (or perhaps you'd call it a warp?) on the front metal portion of the Palm Hard Case.

I miss my palm! :(

Fortunately a new one can be had for the low price of $300 (canadian) at a local Grand and Toy.

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