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Reincarnation times 10

Victim: Brian Satzinger
Date added: 4/15/2002


Last year, one of my friends dug his dad's old palm pilot personal out of some closet. He enjoyed a few months with it before one of his friends (who is no-longer his friend) asked to borrow it.

The touch screen was a little off calibration, so his former friend decided to push down on the screen until the stylus was visibly bending. It never worked again. Meanwhile, I had just gotten a new visor for Christmas. Exactly 6 months (to the day) after his palm broke, mine had a fatal collision with a pointy table in 1st block. The touch screen worked in some places, but wasn't functional enough to let me press the OK buttons in the lower left hand corner.

The next Christmas, we were going to go on a rather long road trip. My parents got me a new blue visor deluxe for the trip. I beamed a few games that you could use with the disabled screen to my old one and let my little brother play on it for the trip. Meanwhile, my friend was getting an M-100 (by the way, don't get those, the touch screens are so off). People decided to get palm pilots of their own, and now there are 5 m-100s, 3 visors, and 2 win-ce devices. Another of my friends is getting a green visor deluxe on clearance today. I bet were going to get skin cancer from all the notes we beam during class...

PS- The person who broke the origional palm pilot's screen eventually got a sony clie, but dosen't bring it to school, so I didn't put it on the list.

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