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As It Described an Arc...

Victim: James McNalley
Date added: 4/22/2002


As It Described an Arc... Answering its warning bell minutes before my next meeting, I pulled the visor out of my coat pocket. It was early in the morning, and I estimated its mass poorly. When my hand stopped moving, the visor slipped through my fingers as it described an arc, terminating in the metal foot of my desk. It bounced, metal against the plastic corner of the visor, and landed face down on the carpet.

My previous visor died upon impact with a wood floor after a short fall of three or four feet. The touch screen no longer functioned but the glass screen remained uncracked, enabling me to receive this new PDA from Handspring under warranty. I picked my second visor up from the carpet, expecting to review my notes for the upcoming meeting. I was disappointed to discover two large cracks in the screen and a non-functional stylus.

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