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PalmIIIx back from the grave

Victim: Frank Leaver
Date added: 5/7/2002


Last April (2001) I was driving from Toronto to Ottawa with my trusty PalmIIIx in my left pants pocket. Upon arrival I powered up to check some local phone numbers and found the screen would display but not accept inputs. I think the wee beastie overheated since my left side was in the sun for most of the 4 hour trip. Soft and hard resetting didn't cure the problem. The Palm was past warrantee and Palm Support in Canada wanted $150 just to look at it. I could buy a new one with more memory for about $200 so I didn't go that route.

The Palm languished for 9 months in a desk drawer until last week when a friend produced 2 more dead Palms from his office - another IIIx with a wonky screen and a IIIe with a shattered screen. Since he has a background in electronics manufacture we decided to do a mix-and-match of the main internal components to see if some combination would work. After a couple of combinations, viola - we had one working Palm IIIx..

We used the screen from my sun fried IIIx and the motherboard from his crushed IIIx (even though it had a highly suspect mangled coil that we think may be part of the power supply). But hey, it works. One long hotsync later and I was back on the air.

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