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Lost and Found on the Highway

Victim: Mad Scribbler
Date added: 5/27/2002


Had to share this one...
I left work one evening and drove the 1/2 hour home with no clue of what had happened. Arriving home, I discovered that I could not find my trusty Palm IIIe anywhere in my truck. I shrugged it off thinking I had just left it at my desk. When I arrived at work the next morning, I did not find my Palm anywhere!

Now I started to panic because the case that I use is from Wilson Leather and it holds all of my credit cards as well as my cash! I searched the parking lot, I searched the road, I searched my truck, nothing. Then, the phone rang. The gentleman at the other end of the line had found my Palm! I apparently had set it on the back of my truck as I was unlocking the door and it stayed there until I got out of town and accelerated to the 65 MPH highway speed. This fine gentleman not only returned my Palm (Which was completely undamaged) but also my cash and credit cards. The only fatality was the case. Scraped up and the zipper sprung.

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