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Tail of a Faithful m500

Victim: Josh Carlson
Date added: 5/28/2002


This isn't really a death story,. It's a tail of a faithful m500.

I got her on july 29, 2001 as a birthday gift from my dad. I was estatic. I used it for about 2 1/2 months before it decided to crash. I hit the reset button in the back and when I looked back at the screen, it was in a boot loop =(

it tried resetting it again, still nothing. The I did a hard reset, still looping.. I was beggining to get worried finally. I reset it again while holding down the down scroll key to get it into debug mode. I worked!! But I couldn't beam or use my memory card. I didn't really care right then, I was just happy it worked. It stayed in debug mode for several months. Thne one day it decided to crash again. it kept on crashing for several days off and on. Finally I got really mad as it crashed again right in the middle of a memo. I through it down on my keyboard and yelled , " ITS EBAY TIME FOR YOU!!". The screen flickered and went out... I did another reset, and then,to my amazement, bootup like it was supposed to. I was really happy =D

This trusty little bugger has been working great ever since. It has survide many a fall and tumble, Including falling down 4 stone steps, getting kicked off my computers tower when I was mad bout something, getting stepped and sat on and sailing through the air in a great arc and smacking the wall with a sickening thud in my bathroom where I had jerked my shirt off the shelves forgetting that I had laid my palm on the top of it. This has been,without a doubt, the most sturdy palm I have ever own (and that's alot). I have affectionately named here "Glitch" in honor of the guardian key tool used by bob in the computer cartoon "reboot". She still has a few quarks (like the IR dieing for a few weeks and just now starting to work again) but I still love her. I don't think I'll ever buy a new palm (unless she dies completely).

Josh Carlson
Gadsden Alabama, USA

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