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Be Careful with the Windex!

Victim: Mike Longhurst
Date added: 7/12/2002


While It has been quite a long time since these events ocurred, I now feel that the emotional scarring has healed enough to let me talk about it.

Early last spring, I walked into the local Office Max and layed down a fairly large chunk of change for a brand new, state of the art, Palm m505. It had just barely been released and I was ecstatic. I took it home and showed everyone my new baby.

A couple days of use later, I noticed that the screen was getting a little bit dirty. Wanting to keep my Palm pristine, I quickly found some windex and some tissue to clean the glass. Without even thinking, I sprayed a tiny bit of Windex on my palm and quickly wiped it off.

To my abolute horror, I watched a small drop of liquid creep across the screen. Thinking that it was just some liquid I had missed, I rubbed again. No luck. The liquid settled into the middle of the display, sandwitched between the outer glass and the inner screen.

Almost immediatly, the palm stopped responding. The touchscreen would not accept any input and the buttons failed at almost the same time. I tried everything to get the liquid out, but it only spread, eventually covering about half of the screen. Even after trying to leave it to dry for a week, the liquid refused to evaporate.

Finnaly I gave in and called Palm Technical support. A week later and $100 poorer, I had a new palm m505. Now I have a waterproof case and I refuse to even come near water with my Palm.

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