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Victim: Quiller
Date added: 7/12/2002


After viewing the new Spider-Man movie, I came out to the parking lot (at about 12 midnight, mind you) and saw my friend drive by in his truck. As he slowed down to say hello I immeadiately slipped into my alter-ego, known to the general public as Spider-Man, and jumped on top of his car, pulling a quick roll-n-turn to land in his truck bed, from where I swiftly executed a perfect one-handed cartwheel unto dry cement, only to take a step around the left tire and vault back unto the wall of the truckbed, take a step-jump-roll combo unto the cab and a gentle side-roll down unto the hood and a kick around and through the passenger side window into his seat.

Much as this was appealing and I even got some laughs and a nice applause from the surrounding moviegoers, it ended up with one though on my mind: my Sony Clie was in my pocket the whole time.

Low and behold, I pull it out, and by heck the sturdy (as always from those friends of ours at Sony) PDA had survived. Unfortunately, though the glass and the rest of the case remained totally unmarked, the stylus was no longer useful because the screen would not respond at all. Again, unfortunately for me, this was the "old" (but yet only by three months) PEG T-415c, which Sony has discontinued.

After a quick visit to my local Best Buy, they informed me I could instead exchange the 415 for a new 615 for only $98 difference. Alas, I paid the difference and have been thrilled with the new color screen. It appears, though Spider-Man [I] is quick keen to the sensory input devices us "mortal" humans posses and wonderful with saving the world, he [I] is not too grand at saving his [expensive] PDA after a night on of hero-ing.

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