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Another Death by Toilet

Victim: Andrew Knox
Date added: 7/13/2002


While using the toilet, in a loose fitting, jogging-suit type costume, my Palm flung itself into the toilet bowl.

I retrieved it from the (mercifully) clean water, but it something was seriously wrong. The Palm would no longer respond. After the Palm spent a night on the radiator, still it would not respond. The next night I put it on the radiator again. In the dead of night, I was awoken by deranged Palm noises. The dying thing was glowing its screen with all its might, and making every mad system noise it could think of. Because I wanted to get a good night's sleep, I put it under a cushion. (Does that seem heartless?)

The next night it was all over. The Palm never again responded to a button press. Recharging the thing did no good. My little Palm-powered friend had gone to the Staples in the sky.

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