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Never drink with you handheld

Victim: Matt Clouse
Date added: 8/21/2002


My late Palm (God rest it's soul) followed me everywhere! This includes my very active social life. Late one fateful Friday night, I was a little more tipsy than usual, unmindful of the swimming pool beside me just talking to some friends. Out of nowhere, a mischievous friend runs up and pushes us into the water. At first I thought it was funny until, to my utter horror, that I realized that my palm was still in my pocket! I played cool (after all I was drunk) and continued my impromptu swim.

When morning arrived, I remembered my loss, and also realized that I had just received my vacation paycheck which had also joined me in my swim!!! At the time I was thinking that one little push cost me $600 in damages! But at least I had a good time, and I'm never one to look on the negative side. we must pick up and move on from such tragedies. so I dried out my paycheck (which the bank still accepted) and I'm now in the process of looking into the repair of my drowned victim. just one piece of advice to my fellow PDA'ers. Never drink with you handheld! they just don't mix!

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