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Death by Dog Bowl

Date added: 9/1/2002


This one is pretty tame compared to everything else I've seen in the graveyard, but it's still pretty amusing (in retrospect).

I was standing in my kitchen, talking on the phone with a friend, scribbling some notes into my Palm m505. My two dogs (a German Shepherd and a black Labrador Retriever) were rough-housing in the living room. After a couple minutes, I lowered the hand holding my m505 down to waist level, having finished my note. About two seconds later, the dogs decided a quick sprint through the kitchen would be great finale to an energetic play session.

I managed to dodge the Lab, but my hip fake put me right in the path of the 100# charging Shepherd. His big melon clipped my hand, sending the m505 tumbling...right into the dogs' water bowl. The device hadn't even hit the bottom of the bowl before I stabbed my hand in to retrieve it. I shook the water off, but noted with dismay that water was leeching into the screen - I knew the device was doomed. Still, I let it dry out for a couple days. It *did* eventually turn back on...even the front light worked...but the touch screen was toast.

The funny thing is, after I'd grabbed the Pam out of the bowl and spent about five minutes cursing like a sailor, I noticed that I'd just dropped the phone without explanation. I picked up the handset and sheepishly said, "Hello?" only to hear the bemused reply, "So...someone just died?"

Meanwhile, the Lab was cowering in the dining room and the Shepherd kinda' cringed in a corner in the kitchen. Despite being pretty ticked off at the circumstances, I had to laugh at the two monsters. Visitors are always so scared of our "big dogs", but they're really just a couple of overgrown babies.

Babies that killed my m505!
$132 later, I got a replacement from Palm.


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