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The Lawn Mower Killer

Victim: Sharon
Date added: 9/7/2002


ok in 1999 my brother gave me a palm 3. one of his freinds didnt want (why im not sure of) i was soooo happy... but in 2000 i left my love on the table and the remote to the tv was put on it and some how some one put news papers on it!!!!!! and i looked under it and ahhh it had a pretty big blotch on the screen but still worked! and i kept useing it....well i was useing it as a calculator in my yard whial doing my school work and i left it on the ground, thinking it was in the house i looked every where sadly it had a visit the lawn mower 2 days later thank god i was doing the mowing.... and i hit it!!! thinking it was a rock i looked for it and i found it, but it STILL WORKED!!!! it had been barly hit on the left top side and cracked the case almost in half. being very very badly choped i didnt think to look to see if it worked till a few hours later AND IT STILL WORKED!!! the screen is a little scrached but what the heck. i made a cardborad case and put the "guts" or insides in the new and very dorky looking case well a few killer battery changes later and yet i left it in the car and it was on the out side about 94 degrees! i go out and the home made box had fallen apart due to the tape being in heat....well the rubbery stuff that holds the buttons of my palm 3 together had melted!!! but the palm its self some how still worked but the screen had more damege! still with a littel life left in it and all the expanded memory i put my card board case back to gether and yet 1 last thing put it one foot in the grave...i had it in my back pack due to my case being too big for my pocket i had it in my back pack and was going to school when i fell.... yes fell...i just tripped over the curb by the street... lost balence and fell on my my palm and once agen my "case" fell apart but this time parts of my screen wont respond to my input..... now my palm 3s 1 foot and a half in the grave......

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